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The last month was sued for three cases, and the 49 people in San Francisco finally gave up Smith, and Smith last season was banned for 9. Therefore, the signature of the raid is obviously a certain risk. If Smith 2015 is banned, we will not be very surprised.

The Baltimore Collus coach team returned to the team base on Monday, and they will perform a two-week meeting. Like the remaining wholesale Nfl jerseys team, there is no need to return to the crow player that is not required to recover.

The return of the crow coach means that all team trainer groups in the United States of America have returned to their respective team bases. Cincinnati Mason, Cleveland Brown and Pittsburgh Steelman’s trainer returned last Friday.

Hopkins seems to have a wide range of praise for the performance of our own single season zero. He is a person who has achieved this achievement at least 110 players in a single season since they started to get on the record. “Do you think people really don’t know this achievement?” He asked.

The opponent of this week will be an Auckland raid, because the opponent is weak, does not rule out the team will treat the wounded in a more conservative manner. In addition, the external hand is injured in the hip, and only participated in a small number of training.

Lin Qi will renew the Hawks to the 2017 seasonThe future of the Marshawn Lynch, which affects the heart of each Seattle Eagle fan. Now, fans can finally be relieved. According to NFL official website reporters, Lin Qi will have a contract with Hawks for about two years, and the contract will be worth $ 24 million. In the last year of the original contract, this renewal will extend Linqi’s contract to the end of the 2017 season.

Wild Horse Coach John Fox (John Fox) said: “He can play immediately, progress every day. We all believe that he can see him in the playoffs.” At present, Marshall is the only list of 53 people in the wild horse. Excelled the trained player. In the fourth quarter of the game competition, the security guard T.J.-Wald (T. J. Ward) did not participate in the confrontational training, but a small amount of relevant positions were conducted for two consecutive days.

Although the Hawks have been concerned about Lynch’s age and injury, they still decide to stay in the team in the team. In the past four seasons, Linqi has more than 1200 yards per season. The team expects him to maintain a state, and hit the super bowl again next season.

Wild horse wire returns to train, playback is expected to come outDenver Yam did not relax in Christmas day. Several wounded people returned to training, they look forward to winning the last game of the regular season. At the same time, the Brandon Marshall also appeared on the day of training. Although he did not join the team training, he chose a small amount of recovery training together with the fitness trainer and the instructor responsible for strength.

Hopkins is now the best way to take over the league, but it is still not unconfilled that it should not be noticed outside. In almost every route runs, he will be guarded or interfered by the opponent double or three, but he still caught the pass of each thrown. Perhaps the flies are the secret training methods that should be adopted by other excellent outer junctions.

In this renewal, Linqi will get 7.5 million signing bonuses, 12 million of contracts in the contract. At the same time, the two sides will fine-tune the next season, the original 5 million fundamental annual salary will be reduced to 4.5 million, but the impact on the wage-cap is still constant, still 8.5 million. Lynch’s basic wages in 2016 and 2017 were 9 million and 7 million respectively. If he is still a member of the Hawk, he will also get 3 million lineup rewards.

The Minnesotavijing team base is open to approximately 60 management staff on Monday. These staff voluntarily returned and subordinate to multiple departments. According to the official website of Viking, these staff members are prioritized because they need to enter the team base to complete the task.

Hopkins is right, with his talent, the praise is still too small. If the Texas people’s offensive group can perform excellent and team breakthrough outside the season, maybe more people will pay attention to Hopkins and his horrible bathes.

“I didn’t say this, because this is embarrassing,” he said. “We used to grab flies. I am the only person who can catch the flies. One hand grabs, two hands grab. I actually studied flies. I will look at them. How will you grasp the flies? Fly. If I can catch the flies, I can catch anything. “

The return of the crow coach group is because of its best coach John Hubble (John Harbaugh) last season, the team also has the best assistant coach in the previous season; & mdash; offensive coordinator Greg – Greg Roman. The crow last season’s scorpion code has a great advantage ranking first and has achieved 14 wins and 2 losses, but they burst into Tennesi in the playoffs. Today, members of the coach are all stayed, and the crow will work hard to further in the new season.

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