Carbohydrates, Caffeine, and Creatine – Supplements That Work

It would look like that everyone is aiming to squeeze the foremost out of their training investment and as a result, the health supplement industry has globally be a multi billion dollar industry. You’ll find however hardly any legitimate ergogenic (performance enhancing) supplements out there whose benefits are proven and whose unwanted side effects are minimal. A sizable bulk of the supplements on the market are both dangerous e.g.. Ephedrine or even have very little advantage at all on efficiency e.g. orthonine, arginine. In this article we have chosen to highlight 3 products, which happen to have proven performance-enhancing properties, these include creatine, caffeine and carbohydrates.

creatine monohydrate powder caloriesA solution that was frequently shown to better performance in power type athletics & especially the ones that involve interval training is creatine. Creatine is the variety of 3 different amino acids and it is produced by natural means in the entire body, the vast majority being stored in skeletal muscle mass as creatine phosphate. Creatine phosphate is able to keep its muscle mass ATP (a higher power particle and the energy “currency” of the body) levels in muscle by “donating” its phosphate to ADP (a lower power molecule) thus allowing for a heightened reserve of instantaneous energy to be used during very high intensity workout. For instance, creatine is apt to help high intensity exercise for instance weight/power courses and repeated sprints/interval training but not single sprint events lasting shorter than 90 seconds as well as endurance competition. The American diet supplies aproximatelly one g of creatine, which is located in red meat and some fish species (mackerel), though scientific studies have indicated that supplementing with 20 grams of creatine monophosphate for 6 days could improve muscle mass creatine amounts by 20 %. The recommended dosage is to take a “loading” serving of approximately 20 grams (four teaspoons) a day for five days; thereafter a “maintenance” measure of 5-10 grams is required.

In addition, it’s suggested that the individual take the supplement dissolved in a beverage of higher carbohydrate content (about 2 hours before exercise) as this leads to an insulin “spike” which in turn helps in muscle creatine uptake by over 50 %. It’s suggested however that not all men and women react to the usage of creatine equally – some respond well if it is ready to store the added quantities while others do not appear able to carry out the very same. Lastly, it is suspected the use of creatine is fairly safe although the long-term health risks of high dose supplementation are unfamiliar. The only negatives known at this time would be that it may cause stomach upset if it is not dissolved properly and individuals with existing kidney disorder should not use it. Competing athletes are encouraged to work with solely excellent items from an established dealer, as a few manufacturers have deliberately spiked the products of theirs with illegal performance enhancing substances as well as steroid precursors such as nandrolone, while other products might be contaminated with harmful metals.

There is a sizable body of proof to indicate that caffeine use while at quantities below that allowed during Olympic competition (> twelve mg/ml) creates many ergogenic effects. Research involving bicyclists performing at a fixed intensity have demonstrated an increased time to low energy ranging from 20-50 % when using the service. Also, caffeine improves performance during all-out efforts lasting 4-5 minutes and during repeated bouts of exercise like interval training. Caffeine has also been demonstrated to increase the maximum force that can be sustained during a maximal voluntary contraction (MVC) of a muscle and that the duration of sustaining an isometric contraction at fifty % MVC raises on the order of 28 %. It is suggested that this result can be due to increased skeletal muscle recruitment by the motor cortex of the human brain, and that caffeine could perhaps decrease the perception of endeavour allowing for more relative job being performed. Thus caffeine will probably enhance overall performance in a strength training routine. Other proposed methods of its operation is it decreases low energy and increases alertness as well as well being which may be helpful during incidents of severe duration including ultra marathons where staying awake plays a crucial role of performance benefits. Some evidence seems to indicate a glycogen sparing effect associated with the use of caffeine, however its metabolic effects has not been substantiated.

Furthermore, it’s been shown that caffeine does not increase urine creation during exercise, but does so at rest. Famous sources of caffeine are coffee (50-100 mg/cup), cola drinks (50mg/375 ml can) and more than the counter medications (100-200 mg/tablet). It is possible the tablet source may produce much more ergogenic results on exercise as it is suspected that several other chemicals found in coffee could interfere with caffeine’s functioning. Caffeine shouldn’t be consumed in connection with creatine as there is a bit of evidence to indicate the former inhibits the latter’s absorption.

Even though one may not consider it as a product in the real sense of the word, as said before before in various tips and articles on this internet site, the usage of carbohydrate during and soon after exercising has demonstrated various ergogenic effects. Investigation has stated that hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) can certainly be a significant cause of fatigue and premature termination throughout extended workout events. Consuming carbohydrates during a race will not necessarily allow an individual to perform better, however, it will increase the time to fatigue should they not have enough liver glycogen (stored glucose) to maintain blood sugar levels for the duration. In a prior post on the lactate threshold/turnpoint we described the fact that muscle glycogen is dedicated to be worn in its mobile of storage. The liver however is capable of releasing its glycogen stores as sugar into the blood stream to maintain blood sugar levels. The liver glycogen reserves however are limited – only about hundred grams, while the skeletal muscle tissue can store aproximatelly 500 grams. It’s estimated that during prolonged exercise activities for instance marathons, the rate of blood glucose utilization is 1.0 gram every minute or 60 grams per hour. Therefore assuming a non-carbohydrate loaded participant enters such a tournament even with detailed liver glycogen stores, they’d simply be equipped to maintain blood sugar levels for approximately one hour and a three quarters before hypoglycemia would start to set in.

Regular carbohydrate ingestion during the race is going to help the participant to maintain normal blood sugar levels and stay away from fatigue and also the early termination connected with hypoglycemia. Another associated gain of carbohydrate ingestion during physical exercise is its protein sparing outcome. During aerobic or endurance type exercise, as muscular and liver glycogen levels start to fall, protein (source of amino acids) from muscle retailers is frequently broken down for helping replenish blood sugar through gluconeogenesis (the production of glucose). With the upkeep of blood sugar from ingested carbs, less protein as well as lean tissue mass is sacrificed. In addition it’s suspected, however, currently questionable at this point that carbohydrate intake may prevent central or neural fatigue by limiting the quantity of free tryptophan of the blood. Tryptophan is an amino acid from which the material serotonin (a substance which induces sleepiness as well as fatigue for the brain) is created. Carbohydrate ingestion in conjunction with protein soon after intensive exercise is shown to elevate protein/muscle synthesis and enhance muscle glycogen stores (glycogenesis). It is very likely that the increased protein synthesis is mediated by increased number of a hormone called IGF 1 (Insulin like Growth Factor-1). Finally, as stated earlier carbohydrate helps indirectly in the transport of creatine monohydrate supplement benefits monophosphate into skeletal muscle, therefore improving reserves of creatine phoshphate.

In conclusion, you will find several supplements which have proven ergogenic properties and are currently considered healthy. It is not advisable however to eat all of these supplements together since one product could possibly have negating effects on the other person. Unfortunately, the marketing of supplements often far exceeds the potential benefits to be gained. The consumer must thoroughly think about the energy and metabolic mandates of the sport/event of theirs or alternatively consult the services of a seasoned form of exercise expert. This will enable the individual to decide on the dietary supplement that best suits their needs and avoid spending money on potentially useless products or maybe risking the health of theirs or match status.


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