Canada securities watchdog warns about fake regulatory website for…

‘At that point I knew he was a scammer, and a stupid one at that.’ She sighs. ‘It’s pretty typical. They don’t all have oil rig stories, but I added it to my list of things to look out for.’

The federal government worked with Australian telcos, the ATO and the Australian Communications and Media Authority in a three-month trial of technology which blocked these scam calls from appearing as ATO phone numbers.

However, significant numbers of forged certificates have been discovered. Surrey and Sussex police forces have recalled up to 2,700 face masks after they were found to have ‘fraudulent or invalid’ documentation.

‘We are asking our customers to be extra vigilant as there have been a number of fake Pizza Hut websites set up in order to steal credit card details from consumers,’ a spokesperson for the restaurant chain told the MailOnline.

In fact, we saw a slight decrease in overall volumes in March compared to January and February,’ wrote Google.  ‘Generally, we’re not seeing an overall rise in phishing attacks by government-backed groups; this is just a change in tactics.

Once the person clicks on the link provided, and enters their bank details, the hackers can steal their log-in details and passwords and help themselves to their money. Common scams often involve an offer of financial help. Many people have received texts purporting to be from the Government when they are really from conmen.

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The CSA said there was no regulatory organization in Canada called the Canadian Office of Derivative Trading (CODT), adding that securities and derivatives trading in the country was overseen by provincial and territorial securities regulators.

The tech giant’s parent company, Alphabet, made the announcement during the firm’s first-quarter earnings call Google searches about the coronavirus have seen a dramatic spike since the pandemic began, with its peak four times higher than interest in the Super Bowl.

You can look up breeders online or rely on word of mouth. Buying a puppy is usually more expensive than adopting (which often comes with a minimal fee), so research breeders thoroughly before making a purchase or putting down a nonrefundable deposit to reserve your spot in a future litter.

Another person lost $1500 from a Facebook Marketplace ad when they tried to buy a phone from a bogus store, while another person spent $2000 on a puppy bought from a fake website claiming the virus had delayed delivery.

The Mail on Sunday can reveal that fraudsters are putting lives at risk by producing bogus safety certificates to try to offload ineffective PPE. Equipment, such as masks and gowns must meet a quality standard known as the CE mark, awarded after testing. 

Save lives.’ You are then told to press on a link ‘for further information’.  The text is dressed up to look as if it has come from the Government and even includes the emotive message: ‘Protect the NHS. This is simply a made-up ‘rule’.

This is part of The Associated Press´ ongoing effort to fact-check misinformation that is shared widely online, including work with Facebook to identify and reduce the circulation of false stories on the platform.

Earlier this month, Britain said a conspiracy theory that links 5G masts to the spread of the coronavirus was dangerous fake news and completely false after masts in several parts of the country were torched.

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The company has worked tirelessly to combat the spread of misinformation on the internet Google CEO Sundar Pichai (pictured) told investors that people are flocking to the service to find authoritative information and guidance about the outbreak.

Allison, who has almost eight million followers on Instagram, said: ‘The weirdest thing I’ve gotten in a DM [direct message] was, “May I purchase a Tupperware of one of your large bowel movements? I can tell you how to legally package it.”‘

Check the email address of the sender to see if it tallies with the real organisation’s email address – and whether others have commented about it online as fraud. But even if a message comes from someone you trust, covid-19 this does not mean they necessarily sent it. 

“While it will not stop scammers randomly ringing Australians pretending to be from the ATO, it will stop specific ATO numbers appearing in the caller line identification display on the recipient’s phone, thus making the scam seem much less convincing,” Mr Fletcher said in a statement.

‘We are committed to transparent and direct communication with our users, and will use this opportunity to seek community input, collect additional feedback, and build an experience that adds value and supports our communities,’ Reddit said in a statement.

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