Can Adoptive Couples become “Perfect Parents” or they are just “Parents”. By- Arvind Panda, At LEXCLIQ

Adoption when heard from the outside, sounds a very interesting and socially good thing. But do we know how does it feels to be an adoptive parent or an adopted child or what is the pressure that they face from society?

There’s a lot of challenges that adoptive parents face while going for adoption but the major among them all is whether they can give the child what it takes in blood relation. Though parents give their best in the upbringing of the adopted child, they are however questioned whether the child is treated as an actual blood-related child or there is discrimination in their upbringing.These questions are created by society and these affect the adoptive parents as well as the adopted child.

However, these discriminations are labelled by society who has nothing to do with the upbringing of the adopted child. It is the parents who are in a better position to connect with the child mentally as well as emotionally.

Many adoptive parents feel nervous about their abilities to be good parent. Here confidence is the key. The parents going for adoption must have confidence in their ability to be good parents, that’s all it takes. If the child gets the same amount of love and cares every day then these social barriers will not affect the child as well as the parents.

Parents are not born perfect but they become one while taking the responsibility of upbringing of a child.

However, some parents find it difficult to connect with the child at the initial days of adoption, but there are remedies to it as well.

Firstly, these parents must contact other adoptive parents. This will guide them on how to address such problems and also it will give confidence to the new parents.

Secondly, the adoptive parents must learn about the child’s culture. This would help them to connect on a whole new level.

Thirdly, Taking an interest in personal development helps give you more confidence in your parenting abilities. Working on improving yourself could help you become a better parent by cultivating patience, confidence, and high self-esteem.

Having confidence as an adoptive parent often comes down to making friends with other adoptive parents, learning as much as you can, and consulting with professionals.

While these are general rights and responsibilities for adoptive parents, adoptive parents also have more responsibilities to their child that are unique to adoption and are key to developing a healthy sense of identity in the child.

There are various responsibilities of adoptive parents as well, which must be taken into consideration while adopting a child.

These responsibilities include:

  • Being honest with your child about the adoption piece of their identity.
  • Speaking respectfully and lovingly of your child’s birth family.
  • Using positive adoption language.
  • Remembering your child’s story is their own and share it only with those with a true need to know.

Adoptive couples may not be perfect, but they might just be the perfect parent for a child in need.



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