California Red Wines- The Most Popular Red Varietal Wines

New to California red wines and want to learn more? Having some knowledge of the most popular red varietal wines in the area can go a long way in helping you appreciate your next bottle of California red wine. It can also help you make better choices as you pursue this new wine hobby.

California Red Wine

But first, what are varietal wines? Varietal wines are wines that are named after dominant or their sole grape variety. In the US, the laws dictate that wines must derive 75% or more from the grape variety on their labels.

The three most popular varietals of California red wine are Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, and Merlot. Let’s talk about each one:

Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine

This grape variety is the most planted in California. In fact, it makes up 23% of red wine production in the region. This varietal grows well in almost all parts of the state except in coastal areas. High-quality cabernet sauvignon wines are medium-bodied and fruity with some sweetness to them. The medium to high-priced ones is often suitable for aging for a few years after purchase.

Zinfandel Red Wine

The majority of these wines are technically not red but sweetish pink (called white Zinfandel). The grapes themselves are red, so Zinfandel red wines are not labeled as ‘white.’ They are hefty red wines with rich flavors, with a base of loganberries and blackberries. They are usually higher in alcohol content compared to other red wines. Cheaper Zinfandels are best for drinking right away, but pricier Zinfandels can be aged because of their firm tannin backbone.

Merlot Red Wine

Merlot grapes produce full-bodied wines with strong flavors and aromas of plums and sometimes chocolate. Because these grapes have less tannin compared to cabernet sauvignon grapes, Merlot wines come out softer in terms of texture.

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