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Sleep Breakthrough is a sleep aid supplement from BiOptimizers using natural ingredients to optimize sleep.

By taking one serving of Sleep Breakthrough nightly, you could enjoy a better sleep without relying on melatonin and other traditional sleep aid ingredients.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Sleep Breakthrough today in our review.

BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough

What is Sleep Breakthrough?

Sleep Breakthrough is a nutritional supplement designed to optimize sleep quality, help you fall asleep faster, and eliminate grogginess.

As BiOptimizers explains, “sleep is the world’s most powerful superpower.” Getting good sleep is associated with better health, a reduced risk of disease, reduced pain, improved mood, and improved overall performance, among other benefits.

By taking one serving (two scoops) of Sleep Breakthrough nightly, you can support your body’s ability to fall asleep, stay asleep, maximize rejuvenation as you sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed.

Sleep Breakthrough comes in the form of a blue-colored powder. You mix it with water, then drink it 30 minutes before bed to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep – and wake up feeling refreshed the next day.

How Does Sleep Breakthrough Work?

Some people sleep 9 hours per night but wake up feeling groggy. Others struggle to fall asleep, then wake up in the middle of the night. Both of these problems could worsen your health.

Sleep Breakthrough works by optimizing deep sleep, helping your body enter the deepest phase of sleep for maximum restorative properties.

You might sleep for 9 hours, for example, but only get 0 to 15 minutes of deep sleep. Your body needs deep sleep for maximum restoration. If you aren’t getting adequate deep sleep, then you’ll struggle to feel energized no matter how long you sleep.

To help, Sleep Breakthrough contains a blend of natural ingredients to support sleep in various ways. The natural ingredients in the formula can help you fall asleep more easily, stay asleep longer, and maximize the restorative effects of sleep, among other benefits.

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Sleep Breakthrough Ingredients

Many sleep supplements use melatonin. Sleep Breakthrough takes a different approach, using a blend of other ingredients to achieve targeted effects.

Here are all of the ingredients in Sleep Breakthrough and how they work, according to the manufacturer:

Taurine: Taurine is an amino acid found in heavy concentrations in your brain, eyes, heart, and muscles. Taurine is found in some energy drinks, which is why it may seem like an unusual sleep supplement ingredient. However, taurine is known to help negate some of the negative side effects of caffeine. Taurine has known relaxant properties, for example. It also increases glycine and GABA in the body, further calming down your brain. Many people take taurine and other amino acids daily to avoid the jitters, anxiety, restlessness, and nervousness associated with caffeine intake.

Glycine: Glycine is another amino acid linked to relaxation. According to BiOptimizers, glycine works by lowering your core body temperature and increasing blood flow to your extremities. When you lower body temperature, you’re more likely to get a high-quality sleep and enter the deep sleep phase. Studies show glycine can also promote faster sleep onset and longer REM sleep duration, optimize slow wave activity in the brain during deep sleep, and reduce next-day fatigue, among other benefits. In other words, glycine is the ultimate sleep aid supplement for multiple reasons.

Calcium Citrate: Sleep Breakthrough contains calcium citrate, a type of calcium salt easy for your body to absorb. Your body needs calcium for sleep and other functions. Calcium has been shown to play an important role in REM sleep because it helps to transform the amino acid tryptophan into serotonin, which is a building block for melatonin. By giving your body a strong dose of calcium before bed, you could support your body’s natural production of melatonin, which could make it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. Some studies also show your body has higher calcium levels during deep sleep cycles, including REM sleep. If you have insufficient calcium levels before bed, then your body could struggle to enter deep sleep.

GABA: Sleep Breakthrough contains GABA, or gamma aminobutyric acid, which functions as a neurotransmitter in the brain. Your body uses GABA to help relax, and studies show GABA supplements can help people with insomnia, restlessness, and even nervous system dysfunction, among other issues. GABA can also help reduce stress, exhaustion, and insomnia, among other benefits.

L-Theanine: Sleep Breakthrough contains L-theanine, yet another amino acid. Like glycine and taurine, L-theanine is known for counteracting the negative effects of caffeine. Certain types of tea – including green tea – contain natural levels of L-theanine. Others take L-theanine with caffeine as part of a stack. As BiOptimizers explains, L-theanine “always works” which is why it’s one of the favorite ingredients of the company’s formulation team. L-theanine calms your brain within 30 minutes, helps you prepare for a great night’s slumber, and promotes relaxation without drowsiness, helping you wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.

Zinc Orotate: Sleep Breakthrough contains zinc orotate, another crucial mineral for sleep. Like calcium, zinc is crucial for multiple processes involved in sleep. Zinc deficiency has been shown to contribute to poorer quality sleep. Zinc is also important for the metabolism of melatonin. If you don’t have enough zinc, then your body may never be able to produce melatonin to help you fall asleep. Zinc can also calm the nervous system, help with mental recuperation after stress, and help with certain symptoms of insomnia, among other benefits.

Magnesium Bis-Glycinate: Sleep Breakthrough contains a specific version of magnesium called magnesium bis-glycinate. Studies show magnesium has similar effects to zinc and calcium on sleep. If your body doesn’t have enough magnesium, then you’ll struggle to enter the deepest and most restorative phases of sleep. Magnesium bis-glycinate can increase melatonin levels, helping you fall asleep. It can also reduce sleep onset latency, reduce serum cortisol concentrations, and improve insomnia symptom scores, among other benefits.

P5P: Sleep Breakthrough contains vitamin B6 in the form of P5P. P5P is a coenzyme that converts magnesium into serotonin, which can help create melatonin. Like other ingredients in Sleep Breakthrough, P5P is linked to serotonin and melatonin production, which can help the ingredient play a crucial role in sleep. According to BiOptimizers, P2P also regulates the electrical functioning of your neurons, heart, and musculoskeletal system, balances salt and potassium levels, and provides other powerful effects.

Natural Flavors & Sweeteners: Sleep Breakthrough is designed to taste great. BiOptimizers added ingredients like blue spirulina, organic berry, grape juice, and stevia to flavor and sweeten the formula, helping you enjoy a great-tasting beverage every night before bed. The flavors also give the formula a natural, beautiful, blue hue.

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Sleep Breakthrough Supplement Facts Label

BiOptimizers discloses all ingredients and dosages in the Sleep Breakthrough formula upfront, making it easy to compare the supplement to other sleep aids sold online today.

Here are all of the ingredients in each 2 scoop (8.2g serving) of Sleep Breakthrough:

  • 3,000mg of glycine
  • 2,500mg of taurine
  • 350mg of bamboo leaf extract (with 70% silica)
  • 200mg of L-theanine
  • 125mg of GABA
  • 15mg of vitamin B6 (882% DV)
  • 24mg of magnesium (6% DV)
  • 4.5mg of zinc (41% DV)

Other (inactive) ingredients, including malic acid, organic grape flavor, calcium citrate, organic mixed berry flavor, stevia leaf extract, and blue spirulina phycocyanin (for color)

Sleep Breakthrough Benefits

Just take 1 to 2 scoops of Sleep Breakthrough per night to enjoy benefits like:

  • Increase sleep latency
  • Increase desire to go to sleep
  • Increase REM sleep
  • Slow heart rate and boost recovery
  • Fall back to sleep after any disturbances in the middle of the night
  • Avoid waking up with a foggy brain the next morning

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Overall, BiOptimizers claims Sleep Breakthrough will give you “the best sleep ever.” By targeting a healthy night of sleep in multiple ways, Sleep Breakthrough can purportedly supercharge your sleep and unlock powerful effects.

And, because sleep is associated with other effects, Sleep Breakthrough can support benefits like improved concentration and productivity, increased athletic performance, improved mood, stronger immunity, and more regulated emotions, among other benefits.

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Sleep Breakthrough Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Sleep Breakthrough is backed by positive reviews online from customers who have experienced a range of effects with the supplement. Some customers have solved serious sleep issues with Sleep Breakthrough, for example, while others use Sleep Breakthrough nightly to support a good night of healthy sleep.

Here are some of the reviews left by Sleep Breakthrough customers online:

Many customers report falling asleep faster than normal thanks to Sleep Breakthrough. The formula helped them enter a deep sleep faster and more efficiently than they normally would.

Other customers like Sleep Breakthrough because it leaves them less groggy the next day. Some sleep supplements can leave you feeling tired the entire next day, but Sleep Breakthrough works more effectively to keep you alert and unaffected the next day.

Many customers also like Sleep Breakthrough because it increases REM and deep sleep. Some customers measure changes in sleep via their smartwatch, for example, and noticed a significant improvement to deep sleep after using Sleep Breakthrough.

Other customers claim Sleep Breakthrough is the only thing that works to help them sleep. Some customers want to stop taking melatonin, for example, while others want to avoid sleeping pills and other high-powered solutions. Sleep Breakthrough is a good middle ground.

Some customers take two scoops of Sleep Breakthrough per night (one serving), while others take one scoop (half a serving) or 1.5 scoops. You can customize your dose based on how much sleep power you need. Some customers even take 4 scoops (2 servings) of Sleep Breakthrough for maximum sleep power.

Most customers are also happy with the flavor of the Sleep Breakthrough formula, although some customers would prefer an unflavored or unsweetened option.

Overall, Sleep Breakthrough is backed by strong reviews from customers with a range of sleep problems – from general sleep dysfunction to serious disorders. Whether dealing with poor deep sleep or struggling to fall asleep at all, Sleep Breakthrough could help.

Sleep Breakthrough Pricing

Sleep Breakthrough is priced at $56 to $65 per jar, depending on the number of jars you order.

Here’s how pricing breaks down:

Each jar contains 25 servings (50 scoops), or a 25 night supply of Sleep Breakthrough. You take one serving nightly to support a restful sleep.

You can also subscribe to the Sleep Breakthrough autoship program to receive an additional discount of up to 39%.

Sleep Breakthrough Refund Policy

BiOptimizers backs all Sleep Breakthrough purchases with a 365-day moneyback guarantee. You can request a complete refund on your purchase within 365 days if you’re unsatisfied for any reason

Final Word

Sleep Breakthrough is a nutritional supplement featuring a blend of natural ingredients to support a healthy sleep. Instead of relying on melatonin like other sleep supplements, Sleep Breakthrough uses vitamin B6, magnesium, calcium, zinc, and amino acids to provide targeted effects.

Studies show the ingredients in Sleep Breakthrough can reduce the time it takes to fall asleep, help you enter a deeper and more restorative phase of sleep, and maximize the rejuvenating properties of sleep, among other benefits.

To learn more about Sleep Breakthrough and how it works or to buy the nutritional supplement online today, visit the official website by clicking here.



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