Bhatia International Case

Bhatia International Case
Material Facts of the Case
• The Appellant entered into a contract with the 1st Respondent on 9th May, 1997. This contract contained an arbitration clause which provided that arbitration was to be as per the rules of the International Chamber of Commerce (for short ICC).
• On 23rd October, 1997 the 1st Respondent filed a request for arbitration with ICC. Parties agreed that the arbitration be held in Paris, France. ICC has appointed a sole arbitrator.
• 1st Respondent filed an application under Section 9 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 (hereinafter called the said Act) before the III rd Additional District Judge, Indore, M.P. against the Appellant and the 2nd Respondent.
• One of the interim reliefs sought was an order of injunction restraining these parties from alienating, transferring and/or creating third party right, disposing of, dealing with and/or selling their business assets and properties.
• The Appellant raised the plea of maintainability of such an application. The Appellant contended that Part I of the said Act would not apply to arbitrations where the place of arbitration is not in India.
• This application was dismissed by the IIIrd Additional District Judge on 1st February, 2000. It was held that the Court at Indore had jurisdiction and the application was maintainable. The Appellant filed a Writ Petition before the High Court of Madhya Pradesh, Indore Bench. The said Writ Petition has been dismissed by the impugned Judgment dated 10th October, 2000.
Contentions from the side of Appellant
• Part I of the said Act only applies to arbitrations where the place of arbitration is in India. He submits that if the place of arbitration is not in India then Part II of the said Act would apply. He relies on sub-section (2) Section 2 of the said Act which provides that Part I shall apply where the place of arbitration is in India.
• Sub-section (2) of Section 2 makes it clear that the provisions of Part I do not apply where the place of arbitration is not in India.
• The said Act is based on UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration. He points out that Article 1(2) of UNCITRAL Model Law provides that the law, except Articles 8, 9, 35 and 36 of the Model Law, would apply only if the Arbitration takes place in the territory of the State.
Contentions from the side of Respondent
• A conjoint reading of the provisions shows that Part I is to apply to all arbitrations. He submits that unless the parties by their agreement excludes its provisions Part I would also apply to all international commercial arbitrations including those that take place out of India.
• Undoubtedly sub-section (2) of Section 2 states that Part I is to apply where the place of arbitration is in India. Undoubtedly, Part II applies to foreign awards. The consequence which would follow if they are accepted.
Lastly it must be stated that the said Act does not appear to be a well drafted legislation. Therefore the High Courts of Orissa, Bombay, Madras, Delhi and Calcutta cannot be faulted for interpreting it in the manner indicated above. However, in our view a proper and conjoint reading of all the provisions indicates that Part I is to apply also to international commercial arbitrations which take place out of India, unless the parties by agreement, express or implied exclude it or any of its provisions. Such an interpretation does not lead to any conflict between any of the provisions of the said Act. On this interpretation there is no lacunae in the said Act. This interpretation also does not leave a party remediless. Thus such an interpretation has to be preferred to the one adopted by the High Courts of Orissa, Bombay, Madras, Delhi and Calcutta. It will therefore have to be held that the contrary view taken by these High Courts is not good law.


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