Best Free SEO Tools You Should Check for Your Website

Plug-in for NitroPack

Right now, NitroPack is the best optimization plugin you can buy.
Overall, the NitroPack plugin assists you in achieving perfect Google PageSpeed scores and excellent performance in all Core Web Vitals.

Bulk URL Opener can be easily open multiple URLS, opened with this amazing tool. It helps to gain quality and a great number of backlinks. This tool is free and available on the Internet. SEO Consultants highly recommend it.

To make things better:

  • NitoPack has a limited free plan that lets you try out the tool before you pay for it.
  • We did some speed tests to show you how well NitroPack works. The results can be seen in the NitroPack review.
  • FAQ Snippet EditorLast year, I put out a free tool for making FAQ schemas.

Watch this video if you don’t know why you should use it:

  • It’s very easy to use the tool.
  • Fill out the first question and answer, then click “Add another question” to add more. You can add as many as you want (4-6 is perfect).
  • To use the code, just follow the instructions on this page.
  • And don’t forget to use a schema tester to check your schema!
  • One of the most important things to do in SEO is research keywords.

If you choose the right keywords, you can get free search traffic and grow your business. But choosing the wrong keywords will waste your time and money!

Here is a list of free keyword research tools that can help you find high-volume, high-profit keywords.

Strategist for Keyword Research

Keyword research is hard, so I made a free tool to help you find the best keywords that your competitors are using.
Then it tells you which of those keywords are the easiest to rank for and have the most searches.

Just watch this video to see how it works:

Why go through the trouble of making an SEO plan when your competitors have already done it?
Get my keyword research tool right away! It’s free and only takes a few minutes to put into place.
Ahrefs Keyword Difficulty Checker is a tool that lets you see how hard a keyword is to rank for.

Ahrefs’ Keyword Difficulty Checker is free SEO software that can help you find out how hard it will be to rank for a certain keyword.

Just type in your keyword and pick the country where you want to rank.
It assigns you a score between 0 and 100 based on how well you performed. The harder it is to rank, the bigger the number.
Plus, it tells you roughly how many backlinks you’ll need to be in the top 10 results. If you need help, you can use these link building strategies, link building services, or link building packages.

But there’s more. It also gives you a summary of

How your keyword is doing on the SERP?

  • You are free to do as many searches as you want.
  • My full review of Ahrefs tells you about a lot of other cool things you can do with it.
  • This is, in my opinion, one of the best free SEO tools you can get right now.
  • Respond to the Public The public is a great way to find out what problems your target audience has.
  • It is a huge database of questions that you can search through and use to create and improve the content on your website.
  • But I always get the free CSV report that has the questions that your customers searched for and your keyword.
  • The words your customers used to start their searchesThey compared things, and your keyword was one of them.

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