Best Deal for the pilgrims who are planning to go on Umrah in 2023

Looking for the best umrah company in town? The answer to your question is “Umrah travel.” One of the best travel companies in the UK is Islamic Travel. People who want to see the holy Kabah have been getting the best deals and cheapest packages from them for a long time. Even though we have a lot of deals to offer your customers, the best one is listed here so you can see what ‘Islamic Travel’ has to offer.

4 Star Umrah Package

The best way to do Umrah is with a 4 Star Ramadan Umrah Packages, which is not only affordable but also has all the amenities and services a pilgrim needs during Umrah. People on a religious trip can get a 4 Star or Economy Umrah package to have the best time possible while staying on budget.

This 4 Star package is not limited to a certain month or season, so pilgrims can choose it any time during the 8-month Umrah period (the remaining 4 months from Shawwal to Muharram are for Hajj applicants and Hajj forms). This inexpensive package is good for 10 days. The first five nights are spent in Makkah, and the next five nights are spent in Madinah. Here are some more details about this Umrah package that will make it easy for you to choose it as your travel partner.


As was already said, 5 nights of the 10 days must be spent in Makkah and the other 5 nights must be spent in Madinah. Pilgrims will stay at the Ramada Ajyad in Makkah and the Ramada Al Hamra in Madinah. Pilgrims who use this 4 Star Umrah package to get to these hotels will only get a bed and breakfast.

Ramada Ajyad

Pilgrims from all over the world who come to Makkah usually stay at the Ramada Ajyad. It is one of the best hotels in its category. This 4 Star hotel is one of the few that is close to the holy Haram. The Ramada Ajyad hotel is only 400 m from Masjid al Haram, which makes it easy to go back and forth between the hotel and the mosque. People know that the Ramada Ajyad Hotel has good services and friendly workers who treat each guest with respect. People also know the hotel for its security system, which only lets people in with a valid pass. The hotel has a lot of great features, such as free Wi-Fi, family rooms, an elevator, a cash deposit, a safety deposit box, room service, free parking, and places where you can’t drink.

Ramada Al Hamra

The Ramada Al Hamra is the best hotel in Madinah because of its many amenities and well-trained staff. There are flat-screen TVs, free Wi-Fi, laundry and room services, a newspaper, and a lot more in the rooms of the hotel. Also, there is a front desk that is always open. There is a safety deposit box, daily housekeeping, a VIP room, air conditioning, an elevator, rooms for people who can’t walk, no-smoking areas, and a lot more.

Visa and Transportation

It’s very important to talk to a reliable agent or travel agency that can take full responsibility if you want to get a visa. People often try to do things on their own, but to get an Umrah visa, you need to go through a travel agent. If you don’t, your application won’t be accepted by the Saudi Consulate or the Ministry of Hajj.

You can trust the agents who work for Islamic Travel, and they are in charge of your whole trip from the beginning to the end. So the visa is part of the deal, and everything will be done as well as it can be.

One of the hardest parts of planning a trip is figuring out how to get around in a foreign country. Umrah makes this even harder. So, transportation is also included, so pilgrims who choose this package don’t have to worry about how they will get around Makkah and can instead focus on their prayers and petitions.

Tickets to fly

Flight tickets are included in the package, and the best airlines for your trip are always chosen.


A pilgrim’s Umrah is much more meaningful when they visit the holy sites in Makkah and Madinah. Ziyarat can help them do that. It’s important to know that it can be set up, but it will cost more.

Price per unit

Based on 4 people sharing, the price of the package starts at £760 per person. It is one of the least expensive 14-night Umrah packages in its category, so it is the best deal for pilgrims who want a moderate package with a lot of good services and quality amenities.

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