Best Data Science Certifications in 2023 to Scale Your Career

Data can be considered as fuel that is driving various industries today. Data scientists gain insights from the huge amounts of data they accumulate. It’s a field that needs quantitative reasoning, computer programming skill, and statistics.

Did you know?

According to LinkedIn, data science was reckoned as the fastest emerging job in 2017 and According to Glassdoor, a data scientist is ranked as the best job in the US.

Even according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the data scientist field has experienced 35.8% employment growth between 2021-2031. During that period, around 40,500 jobs must open up.

Although data science is still a fresh career field, corporate employers are highly recognizing the worth of professionals with this skill. These days, you’ll see data science professionals working at small or large organizations.

Thus, you must learn data science if you want to make the most of this opportunity and take your career to the next level.

It’s time to take a deep dive into what is data science and who can get into this field. Furthermore, you’ll learn about the best data science certifications available to scale your career.

What is Data Science?

As the entire world is constantly bombarded with a large amount of astronomical data of every type, data science ensures that the big incoming data is efficiently used. This helps provide maximum benefit to the proposed business.

Data science is a combination of algorithms, scientific methods, and systematic processes to organize the unstructured data they initially receive. Without data science, companies regardless of their sizes would find it difficult to make informed decisions.

Data scientists induce the data they gather to discover trends in every business area. This is what they do in their Data Science career. They allow C-suite executives and leaders to make decisions supported by data to keep their company growing and make the right decisions for their customers.

Who Can Learn Data Science?

Here is good news for you!

If you have a keen interest in data science, you can enter this field by pursuing a good data science certification course. In the online world, there are multiple data science courses and professional degrees you can apply for to kick-start your journey.

If you don’t have a superior educational background or degree, you are eligible to get introduced to a data science course. Having an undergraduate degree is also sufficient. Also, you must have some idea of any programming language and excellent analytical abilities to tilt the learning curve!

As learning from the comfort of your home is trending, taking an online data science certification course and indulging in self-paced learning would be a better and more convenient way to enter this thriving field.

4 Best Data Science Certifications that May Help You Grow In Your Career

Checkout the list of various data science certification programs available online that are attracting many talented data scientists:


The Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Sciences is a well-known certification offered by the Data Science Institute (DSI) at Columbia University. This is designed to prepare young talents to either get lucrative data scientist jobs or make a career change by building basic and advanced data science skills.

The trainers at DSI train budding data scientists, build innovative technology, and nurture collaborations to understand data as well as work quite closely with every industry to bring fantastic ideas to life.


The United States Data Science Institute (USDSI™) offers data science certification for ambitious Data Science professionals. The team at USDSI™ researches, plans, and designs cortication to certify personnel who want to learn more about the Data Science field.

Considering their best data science certifications will add value to your career because they help build specific data science skills as well as experience that more employers seek.

There are three types of data science certifications that USDSI provides based on the learner’s level:

  • Certified Data Science Professional (CDSP™)

This certification is ideal for fresh undergraduates in any discipline who want to begin their career as a data science professional. Designed by the world-renowned ‘USDSI™ Data Science Advisory Board (DSAB), this certification helps build essential skills to fulfill the real-world needs of organizations.

  • Certified Lead Data Scientist (CLDS™)

Are you already a data scientist professional and want to advance your Data Science career? If yes, then a certified lead data scientist is a suitable qualification for you.

Earning this popular certification may help you become a team leader in the data science field with an extraordinary skill set.

  • Certified Senior Data Scientist (CSDS™)

If reaching a senior position and playing the role of decision-maker at the organizational level is your next step, CSDS™ certification is the right choice.

For any data scientist professional with five years of experience, this certification is a gateway to unlocking much better opportunities and also, the chances of a salary increment of up to 40% become higher.

  1. Google: Professional Data Engineer Certification

This is a free and self-paced learning-based IT industry certification offered and managed by Google.

The Google Professional Data Engineer is considered an advanced certification that’s designed for IT professionals who possess basic know-how of data processing and analysis topics. Also, this course is ideal for IT experts who are familiar with the tools that Google Cloud has.

When you’ve earned this data science certification, you’re trained and prepared to take the right calls about data processing, analysis, storage, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and utilities from Google.

  1. UC Berkley Masters in Data Science

Masters in Data Science by UC Berkley is another good program that is grabbing the attention of many data science professionals. It’s an online program that offers flexibility and aims at turning data science professionals into leaders in this domain.

This program includes a multidisciplinary curriculum that draws upon statistics, social sciences, computer science, law, and management.

Final Takeaway

If you find yourself in the middle of the big data revolution, then prepare yourself for a data scientist position. Based on your career goals and experience level, picking one of the best data science certifications can be an ideal way to add value to your resume and show your outstanding skills to talented employers.


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