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Batch Image Converter Activator [Updated] 2022

You may need to capture a photo to your PC, mobile, or shared network storage, but you cannot find any convenient free tools can handle the job.
So do not worry, if you are the one!
Batch Image Converter is a batch image converter which is convenient to use and fast. It can handle raw images that come from a camera, scanner, or other image capturing devices. Meanwhile, it can also resize the images and apply JPEG compression with different levels.
With the tool, you can capture images and save them to the hard drive, USB drive, memory card, or any network storage such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. The converted image will be saved as a series of PNG files.
Screenshot of Batch Image Converter
Besides that, with full support of batch operation, Batch Image Converter can handle a few dozens images at once. You can edit the capturing parameters like the number of images to capture, the file name, and so on. And also, it can deal with just a photo at once.
For example, if you want to capture 50 images with 10 for a web page’s privacy monitoring, you can use Batch Image Converter to do it. The converted images will be saved according to the original image sequence, and will be named with the text of the images.
You can preview the images. In addition, Batch Image Converter has a powerful image editing function, which enables you to apply different effects, edit the image format, crop the image and resize the images.
Batch Image Converter is designed to make the task more convenient and improve the capture quality. However, you may also need to remove duplicates and exif information from these images.
With the help of Batch Image Converter, you can easily convert the captured images to any target formats, and then share the images with anyone online.
You can download Batch Image Converter for free for the trial version which has a restriction for the number of images and a time length. If you need to capture more than 5 images, you can upgrade it.
Moreover, you can set a password to protect your images. After getting the account information and the password, you can use the license key to register for the account, and then share these images.
The free version of Batch Image Converter is a basic version, which can be used for one-time download.
Key Features:
1.Batch image converting
Batch image converter

Batch Image Converter Free Registration Code (April-2022)

Now with Batch Image Converter Download With Full Crack you can convert a large number of images at once. It allows you to specify the output folder for each input image and the program will combine them and convert them into a single image for you.
Can convert and convert to:
What else you can do with this tool?
After you installed Batch Image Converter, you can run it like a normal Windows application.
Right-click on any image file and choose “Convert to PNG”.
Click “Next” button. You can specify any output path.
Click “Start” button. You can select all or any single output images in the “Destination images” panel.
All images in the output folder will be converted to PNG.
You can use the same tool to convert multiple images into different formats. To do that, select all the images first and then click “Set format” button.
You can set any output directory and select the image format you need.
This batch image converter is developed by Seksoft Software Co., Ltd.
Gigabite is a simple tool for viewing and editing HD photos. It also functions as a media organizer with organizational features.
With Gigabite, you can easily browse photos and videos in your hard drive, change the file display format (PNG, JPG, GIF, etc.) and add comments and tags to organize them by date, location, people, events, etc.
The program enables you to organize photos, videos, audio and other media files without being a techie. You can preview pictures and movies right from the hard drive, create and rename directories, set tags, or change the display layout. You can also create virtual folders by dragging and dropping images on Gigabite.
The application is very user-friendly and offers a good set of features. You can easily work with photo files on the program and change the display layout, comment and tag them. The user interface is designed to be simple and user-friendly.
It’s very simple to work with Gigabite. No training is required.


– Works on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
– Very simple user interface
– Works for the media file types

Batch Image Converter Crack+ With License Key

Batch Image Converter is a free tool that aims to convert multiple images simultaneously.
It features an intuitive and easy-to-use interface which allows you to input the image you need to convert, and then apply the selected settings to all of them. After this, you will be asked to save the converted versions of the images under a different name or location.
Batch Image Converter is a very useful tool in case you need to compress or resize multiple images at once, or you simply want to convert images with more than one format.
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What’s New In?

Batch Image Converter is a special batch image converter software, which can convert a batch of image file at one time. This professional image converter is very easy and fast to use, including batch change JPEG,JPG,TIFF, GIF and other image files, you can also batch image convert to BMP,TIF,JPG,GIF,JPEG, and other image formats. A lot of image editing functions also supported, such as image cropping and image resize, it also has an automatic image cropping mode for you to crop the black background and resize for the image file you want. Some advanced batch image editing function includes animation editing, image flipping, image rotate, image resize, image rotate and so on, for example, you can also batch rotate and flip image to vertical and horizontal.
Batch Password Remover Description:
Batch Password Remover is a fast and easy to use password removal tool. With this program you can add, remove and change the admin password of all computers at once, the supported language includes English, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Korean and Chinese. It also can support Unicode and all other regional languages. Batch Password Remover has built in support for Unicode and international characters.You can select target computer from the list in the left panel. You can add, remove or change all administrator passwords of all computers at once and all computers added into the list can be selected to change or remove admin passwords.It does not require administrator privileges. You can set a timer to have reminder if you forget the password of one computer. You can also set the time to delete password automatically after the expiration date is reached. You can also copy text password from the original file.You can add an admin account to all computers without administrator privileges. All computers in the list will be joined as admin.For more features and information, please visit
Batch HTML Converter Description:
The Batch HTML Converter is a batch HTML converter, which is very helpful for those who convert a lots of HTML file to another format or the same format. Before batch conversion, you can set the time interval, page rotation, and HTML conversion settings,and then click “Start” button to convert all HTML files quickly.
Batch Excel Converter Description:
The Batch Excel Converter can batch convert a number of Excel worksheets or named ranges in one operation, it can easily batch convert Excel 2007/2003/2000

System Requirements For Batch Image Converter:

*OS: Windows 10 64bit
*Processor: Intel Core i5-3470, AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 640
*Memory: 8 GB
*Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660/AMD HD 7870/
Intel HD 4400/HD 5000(or later)/Radeon HD 7770(or later)
*Sound Card: Realtek High Definition Audio
*Hard Drive: 40 GB
*DVD Drive:
*Other Requirements:
*Video Card

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