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The word ‘bailment’, is derived from ‘bailler’, a French word which means ‘to deliver’. Bailment has been defined under the Section 148 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872, according to which Bailment involves the delivery of goods from one person to another for a specific purpose and upon a contract, when the purpose is fulfilled, the good has to be returned or dealt with on the direction of the person who has delivered the goods.

What goods can be bailed?

Only the goods that are of movable nature can be bailed. However, current money or legal tender cannot be bailed and deposition of money will not be counted as bailment as money is not a good and the same money will not be delivered back to the client.

Essential Features 

Delivery of Possession

There must be a delivery of goods, which means, delivery of possession of the goods by the bailer to the bailee to fulfil the purpose of bailment. Possession refers to exercising control over the good and excluding any other person to do the same.

Section 149 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 talks about the same. The delivery of possession can either be actual or constructive. It means that either the good can directly be put in the actual physical possession of the bailee or put the bailee in a position of power over such goods that can be physically possessed later, if possible. In constructive delivery, the bailor gives the bailee means of accessing the custody of the good and not its actual delivery.

For example, C has a rare coin locked safe deposit box. As the delivery of a safe deposit box is impossible, when C, bailor, gives the key of the deposit box for the bailment of the coin to A, bailee, it would be considered as constructive delivery.

It is important to note that mere custody of goods is not equivalent to the possession of goods. In Reaves v. Capper, it was held that a servant can be in the custody of the goods because of the nature of his job but that does not mean he is in possession of the goods. For example, a servant holding his master’s umbrella is not a bailee.

Delivery upon Contract

There must be a contract between the bailor and the bailee for such transfer or good and its return. If there is no contract, there cannot be bailment. Moreover, the contract can either be expressed or implied.

Exception: If the good is lost, the finder of good will be seen as the bailee even if there was no contract of Bailment or delivery of goods under a contract. A finder of goods is a person who found a lost good belonging to someone else and keeps it under his possession until the owner of the good is found. This leads to an involuntary form of Bailment contract between them. The finder has all rights and duties that of a bailee.

Delivery must be for some purpose

It is essential that there must be a purpose for which the delivery of the goods takes place. If after the completion of the purpose of bailment the good is not accounted for, then bailment cannot arise. This is an important feature as it separates it from other relations like agency, etc..

Return of goods

After the completion of the purpose, the good must be delivered to the bailor or dealt with as per his instructions. If he/she is not bound to return the good then there is no bailment. Even if there is an agreement to return an equivalent and not the same good, it will not amount to bailment.

For example, a tailor receives a saree for stitching as he is the bailee. After the saree has been stitched, the tailor is supposed to return it to the bailor.

Moreover, it is necessary for the bailee to follow the instruction given by the bailor for the purpose of the return of the good if any.

In Secy of state v. Sheo Singh Rai, a man, for the purpose of cancelling and consolidating nine government promissory notes into a single note of Rs. 48000, went to a Treasury Officer. Later, the notes were misappropriated by a servant at the treasury and the man filed a suit against the State to hold it responsible as a bailee. He failed as there is no Bailment without delivery of good and a promise to return the same and the government was not bound to return the same notes or deal with them in accordance with the wishes of the man.


Contract of bailment involves the transfer of possession of the good from the bailor to the bailee for the specific purpose and both, the bailor and the bailee, have been confronted with some rights and duties which are necessary for them to follow whenever seem suitable. Also, for the contract of bailment to be valid, all the essential features need to be fulfilled. Moreover, bailment of goods is different from the sale of goods as bailment is involved with the transfer of possession while the sale is involved with the transfer of ownership.

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