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The latest AutoCAD release is version 2020.

The AutoCAD software can be used to draw (design) technical schematics and documentation for manufacturers, engineers, architects, and a variety of other industries. It also includes the ability to create technical drawings, mechanical drawings, architectural plans and sections, drawings for the Internet, 3D models for animation and visualizations, manufacturing aids, symbols and reference materials.

AutoCAD is used by more than 75,000 organizations around the world and is considered the most widely used of all the commercial CAD programs.

How to Use AutoCAD

How to Start Using AutoCAD 2020

In this article, we’ll walk you through the basics of AutoCAD and show you how to use AutoCAD 2020.

What AutoCAD is and what it is not

AutoCAD is a computer-aided design (CAD) program that provides the ability to make technical drawings and design documentation for a variety of industries including manufacturers, engineers, architects, and the like. AutoCAD is also used in the game industry and by graphic artists for illustration and illustration/animation.

AutoCAD is not a drafting program. A drafting program allows you to make technical drawings and drawings for documentation. It is often used by CAD operators, i.e., drawing drafters.

AutoCAD is designed for drawing technical schematics, architectural drawings, mechanical drawings, drawings for the Internet, 3D models for animation and visualizations, manufacturing aids, symbols and reference materials.

What AutoCAD comes with

AutoCAD is a desktop program. It can be installed on the desktop of a user’s computer and run in the background when the computer is turned on.

AutoCAD allows for the creation of technical drawings and drafting documentation for a variety of industries, including manufacturing, engineering, architecture and design, architecture, and the like.

When you create a drawing in AutoCAD, it’s stored on your computer, in its native format.

AutoCAD has a “drafting-type” user interface (UI). In other words, it looks like a drafting program that allows you to make technical drawings.

AutoCAD comes with a variety of tools. Among them are:

Instruments : tools for drawing lines, arcs, circles, rectangles, angles, B-splines,

AutoCAD Activation Code

A stand-alone AutoCAD command line tool allows creating files in the native 2D drawing format in-line, which then can be imported into a drawing.

There are also free, open-source, and paid AutoCAD add-ons available on

Documentation and support

Autodesk provided access to technical support in both the United States and Canada in the 1980s. There is a link to the Autodesk support site on the right side of the Autodesk’s own home page.

During the transition of AutoCAD from Creo to Revit, Autodesk stopped providing technical support. Instead, it became a customer facing platform. With the release of Revit 2016, Autodesk has attempted to revive its support presence. Now Autodesk provides technical support for customers using Revit 2016, 2017, and 2018, which is available in both English and Spanish. Customers still have access to Technical Support for AutoCAD and Inventor software. A list of contact methods for technical support is provided at

Design software
The following is a non-exhaustive list of the main design software platforms Autodesk offers for the complete project lifecycle.

The main application Autodesk offers is Autodesk 3ds Max for 3D design. While it supports the creation of 2D drawings, the user interface is limited and, for the most part, is not a 2D program.
Autodesk Design Review is a 3D based CAD/CAM program designed to streamline the designing process and focus on the design intent of the project.
Revit is the flagship Autodesk software product for the complete lifecycle of the architectural, mechanical and construction process. It allows for the visualization of digital design models through the construction of a virtual building. It is a 3D modeling software as well as a building information modeling (BIM) tool.
AutoCAD (formerly Creo) is a commercial 2D drafting, 2D design and 3D modelling software which is used in all the above process steps and also as a free viewer for 3D models.
Inventor is an engineering-based application that allows the modelling of physical parts.
AutoCAD Map 3D has a more 2D design interface, but it does not support 3D modelling.

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What’s New In?

The Integrate View in AutoCAD is a great tool to keep on top of your project, and now you can also markup directly inside the Integrate View with the new Markup Import and Markup Assist.

What’s new in AutoCAD 2K23

Draw with a single click:

Find the new “Draw with a single click” in the task bar, next to the exit button. Double-click the Draw with a single click button to open a dialog box with options for drawing, such as straight lines, circles, and more.

Work with many views simultaneously:

Get comfortable with drawing in multiple views. After opening a drawing, you can easily switch to multiple views. (video: 1:11 min.)

Automatic CAD Import:

Use the new AutoCAD Import tool to work with CAD data from one source file. The new tool automatically formats and imports CAD data into your drawing. (video: 1:48 min.)

What’s new in AutoCAD LT 2K23

From vector graphics to BIM:

Your drawings become more useful by automatically importing information from other design tools. With the new AutoCAD LT Import tool, you can import files, such as DWG and PDF files, that contain CAD data. You can even import BIM data.

Two more ways to export data:

Organize, store, and share CAD data with the new AutoCAD LT Export tool. You can save your files in any format for use in other applications. Or save your file as a DWG, DWF, or DXF, which will allow you to work with the file in any application.

What’s new in Revit 2020

New robust and intuitive functionality:

Let your creativity flow and perform better with dynamic tools, simplified navigation, and improved user experience.

See changes live as you edit and update your design:

Draw and modify your design by using the new and intuitive Dynamic Component Modeling tool, which enables you to view changes in real time.

Make your work more efficient with automatic formatting:

Automatically style your drawings with the new CleanEdges feature.

Grow your business with Revit 360

Revit 2020 helps you create the high-quality BIM solutions that your team needs. Get started with a completely new, intuitive user interface that guides you through the

System Requirements:

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