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Starting with the 2016 release, AutoCAD is part of the Autodesk portfolio of products (formerly called the AutoCAD Application Framework). With that change, Autodesk is no longer the main provider of AutoCAD, as Autodesk had started selling subscriptions to AutoCAD only a few years earlier. Also, Autodesk no longer provides individual software licenses, instead taking a per seat model of software delivery (though the Autodesk subscription model includes annual software licenses).

Who Is Using AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is currently the most popular CAD software on the market, used by over 15 million people worldwide. AutoCAD’s near-ubiquity is in large part due to its reliability, ease of use, robust feature set, and the fact that it is available free of charge for individuals.

Current AutoCAD Users

Here is a list of some of the biggest names using AutoCAD for various purposes:

AutoCAD, as of 2017, is used in almost every type of design, production, engineering, and architecture practice that involves creating 2D, 3D, and 4D drawings. The list below includes the most popular uses for AutoCAD, organized by type of use (e.g., manufacturing, engineering, architecture, etc.)

Architecture and engineering firms, such as architectural design and engineering firms, construction firms, manufacturing, engineering, and infrastructure companies, can use AutoCAD for:

Designing building interiors

Creating construction drawings and blueprints

Designing storm water drainage and water treatment systems

Creating interior, exterior, and landscape 3D visualizations

Designing electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems

Designing the building envelope

Designing fire protection systems

Designing computer-aided design workstations

Designing transportation systems



Heat treating and metal forming

Injection molding and casting

Photocopying and scanning

Printing and making plates

Scanning and cropping

Sign and graphics

Steel fabrication and metal stamping

3D printing and rendering

Visualizing products

Creating marketing and advertising materials

Construction companies, including utilities, building contractors, and engineering and construction firms, can use AutoCAD for:

Coordinating and analyzing construction drawings and blueprints

Designing site

AutoCAD Serial Key Free Download

First developed in 1982, Windows Forms is a GUI system for Microsoft Windows based on the ActiveX component model. It is the standard interface for developing GUI applications in the Microsoft.NET Framework. AutoCAD supports Windows Forms for three major platforms. AutoCAD LT, for Windows Vista, AutoCAD LT for Windows 7 and AutoCAD LT 2011 for Windows 8. Windows Forms is also available for AutoCAD Mac for AutoCAD LT 2011 for Mac. Windows Forms are GUI components that are embedded in the user interface, the user can drag and drop and resize them. Windows Forms applications can be executed directly from AutoCAD. It is also possible to call Windows Forms components from VBA. AutoCAD’s native 3D engine can generate Windows Forms components. A Windows Forms application can use a DirectX application to draw on screen.
Web Services are part of the Autodesk API, which is implemented on the AutoCAD server. The API is based on SOAP and can communicate directly with the core AutoCAD engine.
The WebGL API for 3D geometry allows the display of 3D geometry in HTML5 web pages.
AutoCAD-based programs can be converted to standalone applications using a.NET Framework wrapper library.

KMS stands for Key Management System and KANZ stands for Key Agent. KMS and KANZ are set of tools that allow for the management of encrypted passwords for file system access. These tools are available through the key manager.

AutoLISP is a proprietary scripting language developed by Corel to automate repetitive tasks in AutoCAD. AutoLISP is a dialect of AutoLISP-C. AutoLISP programs can be created by using an AutoLISP IDE such as the Autodesk Design Review, Autodesk Design Review Express or Corel Design Review Express. AutoLISP programs can also be created using the programming tool of AutoCAD LT.

Visual LISP
Visual LISP is a programming language which runs on the AutoCAD platform. Visual LISP is a dialect of AutoLISP-C and is used in AutoCAD. A Visual LISP version is not available but similar functionality is possible through the use of Visual Basic for AutoCAD.

Ole is an ActiveX component library developed by Microsoft that can be used in AutoCAD. Auto

AutoCAD Download

Uses a digital scan to capture a pattern which can be used as a key.
You can save the data in numerous ways such as CSV, XLS, or use web services.

To find the point positions, use the “Find Points” button.

Uses the free FormzSoft point positioning program.

Check the “Basic Options” tab.

Scan the QR code at the bottom.

Click the “Take Image” button to save the scan.

Then click the “Options” button.

Follow the instructions.

Save the image on your desktop.

The new key is created automatically.

To use the new key, launch the application and click the “Import/Export” icon.

Then click on “Import/Export” and choose the key file you saved in Step 8.

It’s done.

Click the “Start” button to work.

The new key is active for now.

Any time you want to add a new key, launch the program and repeat these steps.

To save time, it’s best to set the program up to accept multiple keys.

To do so, go to the options and click the “Import/Export” icon.

Then click the “Preferences” tab and choose the “Multiple Keys” option.

Click the “Import/Export” button.

Click “Import” on the “Tools” menu.

Choose the file you saved in Step 5.

Click the “Start” button to work.

Click the “Import/Export” icon to add a new key.

Choose the file you saved in Step 5.

Click the “Start” button to work.

To change the key, go to the options and click the “Import/Export” icon.

Then click the “Import” tab.

Choose the file you saved in Step 5.

Click the “Import” button.

Click the “Export” button.

Then choose the file you saved in Step 5.

Click the “Export” button.

To remove the key, go to the options and click the “Import/Export” icon.

What’s New In?

The new Markup Assist and Markup Import features will work well with AutoCAD right out of the box.

Multi-screen editing:

A single drawing with multi-screen editing in AutoCAD is one of the best ways to collaborate and quickly share ideas and feedback on the same drawing. Now, with multi-screen editing, you can do that even when you’re working across multiple computers or devices. Multi-screen editing in AutoCAD (version 2023) also gives you the flexibility to work across multiple projects or teams on a single drawing.

Multi-screen editing in AutoCAD is available for desktop AutoCAD installations.

Version and versioning:

You can have the same version number across multiple computers or workstations — and share that version of AutoCAD across those multiple computers.

You can also have multiple versions of AutoCAD installed on a computer. And if you get a new computer, you can use that computer and install the latest version of AutoCAD.


View your drawing from across the network, or your entire network, through DataViewer. With DataViewer, you can view your drawings in a browser or on a mobile device.

Plus, you can navigate the drawing and drag and drop objects, or make other changes with the same ease that you’d expect with a local drawing.

Design-time analytics and reporting:

Extensive new analytics and reporting, designed to help you track your designs and better understand the performance of your business.

Share your reports, and get help from your AutoCAD manager and IT support team. This integrated analytics and reporting capability is available to all Business, Enterprise and Design Center licensees.

Collaboration features:

When working in your own environment, you can use the new AutoCAD collaboration features to help you work together more effectively. These features are available to all AutoCAD customers.

You can create private drawings, work in shared spaces (where you can change the appearance of the space), and easily invite co-workers to collaborate.

All drawing documents and the drawing workspace can be stored in personal OneDrive accounts, making collaboration easy across devices and operating systems.

A new user interface:

A completely new user interface and simplified toolbar lets you quickly start your work and navigate quickly through the new interface and tools. The new

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Mac OS X version 10.8.4 or later
Win 7 SP1, 8.1, 10.0
Intel Processor
NVIDIA 9400 with 1GB of RAM
1280 X 1024 screen resolution
Hard Drive Space:
500MB (required)
Additional information:
Marrow1.3 is a full game. Please make sure that you are able to install the game correctly, and not to experience problems while installing.
Please test the full game and try to help

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