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Although initially restricted to two-dimensional drafting, AutoCAD Product Key evolved and expanded to include two- and three-dimensional (3D) design, engineering design, and presentation of three-dimensional models and parts of 3D models. More recently, AutoCAD has added non-traditional vector-based drawing functions such as extruding, filleting, and 3D painting.


The main functions of AutoCAD are similar to other CAD programs, namely the ability to import and export data from other software, create 2D and 3D models of architectural structures and parts, and graphically describe them in a variety of ways. Unlike some other CAD applications, however, the main feature of AutoCAD is the ability to handle large amounts of data. It is most commonly used by architects, engineers, and contractors. It is also used in the mechanical, industrial, and transportation industries.

User interface

Since its introduction, AutoCAD has been primarily a desktop app. A separate “AutoCAD LT” was introduced to bring AutoCAD to smaller, less expensive computers. In 2007, AutoCAD LT was removed from the Autodesk product line, but the program continues to be available as a free trial for students and small businesses.

The main user interface consists of several “windows,” each containing a set of graphical tools. The user selects commands by clicking on them in the tool bar at the top of each window. The major functions of AutoCAD are listed below. Click on the links for more information.

2D drafting: The main window contains a two-dimensional drawing area and a scrollable drawing surface. The drawing area can be divided into a variety of shapes and forms, such as rectangles, circles, arcs, ellipses, polygons, splines, straight lines, Bézier curves, and hyperbolic arcs. The canvas surface is bounded by a mouse pointer, which the user can drag and move around the drawing area.

2D layers: The main window contains a horizontal list of two-dimensional layers, which allows the user to organize the drawing space into a hierarchy of containers and groups. For example, you can create a container for a whole block of material and then another container for a group of objects within a larger block of material.

You can also add dimensioned guides, text boxes, and annotative symbols to the layers. Objects can be added to

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How to choose the toolset in visual studio 2008?

I am trying to create a new project in Visual Studio 2008 which uses the microsoft equivalent of C++11. The first time I tried to create a project I got an error that the compiler didn’t support C++11.
I tried a project which said “Windows only”, but I assumed that means I had to have Windows SDK. But I don’t want to install the entire SDK just to use a compiler feature.
What is the right way to make Visual Studio create a C++11 compliant project?


“Windows only” means that this project is only for Windows. You need to add a Windows SDK.

Dear Brigitte: I’m an accomplished programer who’s currently looking for my next gig, but I can’t seem to get an interview. What do you recommend?

I have worked in IT for almost 20 years and have been programming since I was around 9 years old. I have worked for big companies and a small IT consulting firm. I have taken on small projects for people I met at networking events or from my church, all of which have been done for the experience, to learn, and to expand my skill set. I’ve also taken on some work where I was hired in as a senior developer. I now work with a startup company that I really enjoy.

My question is this: I have been seeking out opportunities lately, and the response is always the same. “Thank you for your interest. We will keep your information on file, and if we have a position that fits, we’ll keep you posted.” Do companies really feel like they need to keep you on file? I know for sure that I’ve forgotten more about how to program than the programmers

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django messages error – TypeError: __call__() takes exactly 3 arguments (2 given)

I use django.contrib.messages.middleware.MessageMiddleware. Everything works fine, but when I try to send an email or log an error I get an error:
TypeError: __call__() takes exactly 3 arguments (2 given)

I use the built-in email backend. How to fix this?


According to django.contrib.auth.middleware.AuthenticationMiddleware source code,
def get_message_middleware(get_response):
This middleware has special processing for auth related messages and
returns a middleware that wraps the get_response() function to
authenticate the request, passing it a HttpResponse object that it
can modify.

This is the method that processes messages.
auth_message = {}

# Initialize the message model, keyed by the ‘from’ field
auth_message[‘from’] = get_response.get_from_email()
auth_message[‘subject’] = get_response.get_subject()

# Generate the authentication details from the authenticated user
auth_message[‘user’] = User.objects.get(

# Store the message on the response
auth_message[‘content’] = get_response()

# Get the password if the authenticated user is a member of the
# site. This could be a Django admin


What’s New in the AutoCAD?

View and compare drafts with MultiDraft Viewer (MDV), view features, and constraints in any context, such as blocks, sheets, sheets, or blocks. (video: 2:07 min.)

Draft and compare boards with custom boards. Add and remove blocks from custom boards and view them in AutoCAD without having to redo your design. (video: 1:33 min.)

Design reviews without the need for paper. New multi-screen previews.

Autodesk Alias:

Quickly and automatically generate new objects from imported drawings. If you need to create new geometry, simply import the.dwg or.dwf file. (video: 2:33 min.)

3D Warehouse:

Join the 3D Warehouse and store your files in the cloud. Access your models from anywhere with a browser, app, or web app.

Shareable Streamsets:

Save the work of your team or the entire CAD community by sharing Streamsets. Streamsets are like a collection of drawings and are similar to libraries in Microsoft Office. Share a Streamset with anyone on the network and they can collaborate on the designs.

*New features are subject to change and may be added or removed from a future release.

$19.99 AutoCAD 2023 is now available on the Microsoft Store.

Download links are below:

Mac and Windows



Thank you for using AutoCAD. We hope you enjoy the new features and look forward to hearing what you think. To stay up to date with news, new releases, and other AutoCAD developments, sign up for the AutoCAD Newsletter. For more AutoCAD information, visit the AutoCAD Community.Q:

What are the implications of “I-64” and “I-82” for two different destinations?

I currently have a passport from US (green). I am travelling to two different states in the next few months. One is HI (red) and the other is NY (blue). How will this “I-64” and “I-82” letters affect my passport?


I-64 and I-82 are actually codes for different sections of the US passport. The first section is the I-94 and the second section is the I-94A. The numbers have nothing to do with the section. The I-

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

OS: Windows XP SP2 (Vista and later supported)
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo (over 2 GB RAM)
HDD: 800 MB free space
HDD: 13 GB free space
DirectX: 9.0
Storage: DVD-5 or Blu-ray drive
Ports: Dual monitors
Sound: DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card
Keyboard: USB or PS2-compatible keyboard
Mouse: USB or PS2-compatible mouse
Networking: Internet connection

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