Author: isabelkerry9


A story of deception, greed, power, violence, and bliss unfold between two improbable friends: a tainted casino and a ambitious casino mogul vie against each other for control of the significant gambling empire. But has some intention of losingweight. With the threat of violence hanging over them , this unlikely group must work collectively to bring their enemies down, all of the while running their own very own criminal venture. And though they have personal reasons for starting up a struggle, the bets are too high for any of them to drift off .

“Blackjack,” The House Advantage, Along With also The Dark Book” tells the narrative of Davidpot’s colorful and intriguing criminal past. Immediately after his release from jail, Davidpot establishes a fearless career for a master card shark, even a that every movement is tactical, calculated, and deliberate. In contrast to the reckless and greedy offenders of […]

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