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“Seattle is very significant for me and Xiala,” Wilson said in the statement. “We have already hoped that a part of the border has been a long time. We hope to join the Gulun Manus Group and continue to create a winning culture.”

It can be said that pirates can successfully restrict the package in the sixth week of competition, it is a great pressure on the shock of the ball. At that time, in the 41-speed paste attack of the package, the pirate was applied in 22 files, which was approximately 54% of the pressure, and the pirate of 29% of the Pass defecation has obtained four-point impact. The pirates of 27.2% of the seasonal split were 32% of the Pirates were taken in the game competition of the New Orleans saints, and the Saint offense was also limited. This season’s packaging worker offensive front line exerts excellent, only for the opponent to get 21 kills, is the second lessons, but in the sixth week, I was killed 5 times. Star left cut David – David Bakhtiari season reimbursement will have an impact, but when there is a Los Angeles ram with top defensive groups, the packaging work only allows the opponent to get a four-point impact. Pirates are good at using creative raids, four-point guards, plus second-line defensive cooperation with the opponent quartzwant. Can this context to protect their four-point guard?

In view of the difficulties in which the running guards are difficult to obtain, Connee can do excellent performance, so that the steel man tangled is to let the number one running guard or take a high salary contract. Because of his love of Pittsburgh, maybe he may be willing to accept a slightly lower salary of the steel man.

Philadelphie Eagle and New England Patriot A total of attacked 1151 yards, which is the most advanced number of uniforms in the single game in cheap nfl jerseys from china history. More than 1950 Los Angeles race 1133 yards in New York Americans. In this 1151 yard included 505 yards from Tom Brady, he also broke the record of the superb bowl of the superb bowl. Breddy has become a player who has a total of more than 10,000 yards in the history of the first playoffs. The 33 points obtained by the patriot is the highest score obtained in the History of Super Bowl.

Texas people take over Hopkins to shoot the girl’s family donation for shooting
Texas people take over De Andre-Hopkins will donate their own seasonal salary checks to help family members of the 7-year-old girl killed in the shot.

Because the competition entered the battle early, this game was only 1 point for the highest total score in the history of the super bowl. Considering the free kick and reachable points of the game in the game, we almost see the birth of a new record.

American Football League (MLS) team Seattle Bay people announced Wilson and wife Sachla (Ciara) and other 10 families joined the team owner team. These 11 families have formed a Seattle Football Club Co., Ltd., which is affefed by Hollywood Makers Joe Roth.

The new shareholders will help the bage to continue to improve the team, including improving the team training facilities or home conditions. It is certain that Wilson should not participate in the bagempers in the past.

“Every year, I am looking forward to this opportunity every time I got a game, I am looking forward to this opportunity,” Connea said. “You have to perform well. In the end, this is the most important. I have to show it every year. Whether it is the last year of the contract, whether the second year is still the third year. Eventually, you have to perform well. I want to behave better; I have experienced some injuries. But I really believe that when I am full, I will have some special performance. So I don’t care, I have already reached the last year of the contract. “

“It is more like to make sure he can join a team that is completely suitable for him, winning and willing to give him a one year that let him prove his own team. This is the original Baltimo crow can’t do it This is his condition until it is completely suitable team & mdash; & mdash; and it seems to have no perfect choices & mdash; & mdash; he is willing to wait before. “

Obviously, there is a powerful packed power of the top quadrant pack. Extrachaw Davanse (Davante Adams) The performance of this season is the top level of the league. When the ram with the first passenger ball defensive, the packaging worker passed the full blossom, and the outer handleman Allen Lazard was completed a key 58-yard boller to lock the winning victory. The second-line defense of the pirate this season can be said to be the biggest weakness of the team, but in the game competition against the Saint, the pirates finally use the atrophone to defense and succeed, limit the Span’s pass defense, let the German Drew Brees passed a success rate of only 57.1% and completed 3 copying balls. In the regular season, the pirate is the use of regional defensive systems to limit the ball attacks of the package. In the last 2 seasons, the team with a large use of the regional anti-transmission system successfully restricted the packaging worker. Line Weira Vonte – Daviand and Devin White have played excellent in the middle and short-distance passwords, and Carlton Davis may take shoulder guard against Adams. Task. In the regular season, Davis has 24 defensive guard against Adams, let the latter are passed 4 times, complete 2 clicks to get 21 yards, and one pass is called. In the face of the Saint-Sales, Davis made the former ahead of MICHAEL THOMAS in the game game. The two sets of horses will determine the final result.


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