Atmanirbhar Bharat

Aatm Nirbhar Bharat – Aatmnirbhar which is a Hindi word meaning in English is “Self- Reliant” which also refers to less dependency on others or don’t be dependent on others.Even after India was liberated from British rule in 1947, India was dependent on another with few resources. But today’s India is becoming self-reliant in every field.


An economic package of Rs 20 lakh crores has been announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi under the Aatmnirbhat Bharat Abhiyan in May 2020 to prevent possible deterioration in the economy during the Covid 19 global Pandemic and to turn the disaster into an opportunity.


To address the Coronavirus outbreak and subsequent lockdown in India which has led to the economic slowdown, a self-reliant India Mission is launched.


Aatm Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan was announced with the aim to make India self-reliant and also provided a stimulus for the economy that has hit badly by the covid-19 pandemic. This package is estimated to be 10 percent of GDP.


This economic package will cater to the needs of various sections including small businesses, textile industry, domestic industry, laborers, MSMEs. With this, the Prime Minister said that the time has come to make India self-reliant. For this, he called for using local products, promoting and making them global. For this, he gave the Slogan “Vocal for Local“.


This Atma Nirbhar mission will be implemented in two phases, in the first phase, it will consider all the necessary areas such as medicine, textiles, electronics, plastics, and toys where local manufacturing and exports will be promoted.

Five Pillars of Aatmnirbhar Bharat Abhiyan


Economy: An economy that ensures a big leap in the place of incremental change.

Technology: To promote such infrastructure that becomes the identity of the modern.

Infrastructure: It is based on 21st-century technology-driven systems.

Vibrant Demography: Vibrant Demography, which is the source of our energy for a self-reliant India.

Demand: It will utilize the full potential of India’s demand-supply chain.

Aatm Nirbhar Bharat Campaign is an important mission for the economic revival and progress of the Indian economy under lockdown. The Indian economy has great potential to achieve self-sufficiency, but this requires proper implementation of government-made laws and proper allocation of government-allocated funds.


There is a great potential to develop not only in urban but also in rural areas if appropriate policies are formulated and implemented. The government should provide all facilities to develop areas that have the capability to take innovative steps.


Benefits of Aatmnirbhar Bharat Abhiyan

There are many benefits to being a self-reliant nation. Not only industries will grow but also unemployment will be eliminated. This will ensure that the poverty rate will decline and the nation’s economy will strengthen up.


India’s self-reliance will benefit the entire country and every citizen of the country. The first advantage will be that we will not have to depend on other countries for the things we need.


The Aatmnirbhar Bharat Abhiyan package aims to make local products global and help Indian companies compete in global supply chains. A reduction in imports will save foreign exchange. We can earn more and more foreign exchange by exporting additional goods.


Additional Rs 40,000 crore was allotted for MGNREGA to provide employment to the returned migrants. The shelter will be provided to migrants by the government. More health institutions and labs will be established.


Space exploration to be opened for the private sector. This will benefit the Indian Space industry. Thirty thousand crores special liquidity facility is announced for stressed Non-banking Finance Companies. Ninety thousand crores liquidity plan is announced to provide loans for power discoms.


Important Step

•Some important steps to be taken in the direction of Aatmnirbhar Bharat Abhiyan:-


•There is a need to improve the quality of products in order to establish their products globally.

•India needs to focus on its basic infrastructure.

•India needs to focus on willpower, inclusion, investment, innovation.

•The challenges are increasing even more in the 21st century. Therefore, India may need more structural reforms in the future towards the creation of a new India.



•The main criticism for the Atmanibhar Bharat campaign package is that it is similar to the “Make in India Campaign”. Critics argue that the same plan has been given a different name.

•Most of these fundings are allocated in the same way as the general budget. Therefore, the inclusion of them in special packages is associated with criticism.

•This package may not be enough to revive the economy.

•Urban employment has been ignored in this package.



Thus, there are challenges before Aatmnirbhar Bharat Abhiyan, but it’s targeted approach promotes inclusive growth, which includes all aspects of development, which meet the criteria such as equality, to be ready to diagnose the problems faced. It also includes aspects like empowerment of citizens, which is the capital to build a better India.


Due to the Coronavirus epidemic, the trade of goods and migration of people was disrupted and, as a result, many countries began preparing for future epidemics to diversify supply chains and make themselves Aatmnirbhar. Therefore, the Government of India has a great need to transform India into a self-reliant country. But this may not be enough to revive the economy and rebuild the livelihoods affected by the epidemic.


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