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Athlean X Meal Plan Download 602

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athlean x meal plan download 602
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Although the teachers…May 6, 2014

Opinion: No students should be kept from public school

Lisa Fithian, president of the National Education Association, talks about the 25,000 teacher protests across the U.S.

Photo: Los Angeles Unified School District

The headline alone should tell you exactly what you’re going to read in most newspapers: “Thousands of teachers take to the streets of at least 30 cities.”

It’s a rallying cry against the right of public schools to be in session on May 1. The anti-school-day protests, in many cases, are under the guise of teacher protests against the district’s education plan.

So why are millions of students, parents and community members being denied the right to have a school in session for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day or any other holiday or season?

The 24-hour walkouts are motivated by nothing more than teachers wanting the right to assemble in public and say “no” to policies that cut their jobs, their pay and their benefits.

School districts are trying to negotiate new labor contracts that give teachers lower pay and less job security, but no one is saying that two contracts can co-exist in one city.

Even in those communities where the teachers’ union has come to an agreement with the district, teachers are still protesting. On the first day of school, their presence will be felt by students and their parents. It’s right to have that.

What is not right is to have students and parents blocked from attending the school of their choice.

It’s important to stress that in those places where teachers are walking out, the district has already agreed to many of the union demands, such as hiring more full-time teachers, reducing class sizes, hiring more counselors and other staff, the reform of the evaluation system, more parent-teacher partnerships and so on.

A middle school teacher in New Orleans’ complex system says: “Of course we can get it done. We are the adults. We can take this bargaining process and get this done, and not hurt the students. That is the overarching goal.”

And yet, the anti-school-day protests continue. There is no valid reason for a school to be closed on any day but those appointed by law or by convention.

Some Americans may be saying, “If the teachers can protest, then why can’t I protest?” or “If teachers

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