Before directly stepping into AI Governance let’s first discuss briefly.AI (Artifical Intelligence).The term Artifical Intelligence was first introduced in the year 1956 by John MC carty at the Dartmouty Conference.He expounded that Artifical Intelligence is a science and engineering of creating intelligent machines.AI is a technique of getting machines to work and behave like a human.Many AI application are not perceived as AI the reason is we often tend to think AI as robot.

Artifical Intelligence basically means giving a machine able to think like humans.It mainly fulfills the gap between the machine and humans.It enable the machines to think and work like humans in the language of computer science.


Machine learning is a part of Artifical  intelligence but they both are different from each other.ML are algorithms that analyze data,learn from that data and make informed based on that understanding for example you instruct a camera how to identify a dog by showing different breeds $ faces of dogs so that when that cameras faces as new dogs it can automatically identify by itself that is a dog because it has the experience.


Deep Learning is a subset of machine learning.The idea behind deep learning is that scientists thought that can we make a machine to learn like a human.In deep learning you created a multi neural network architecture and mimic the human brain.For example : Virtual assistant,google translation ,face recognition etc.


Artificial intelligence is not a sector specific technology.It perhaps touches every sector of human life we have a lack of effectiveness of governance for AI.There should be lawful structure for ensuring that machines learning technologies are well researched and well developed to help humanity and navigate the adoption of AI system adequately.We have to put in a place some kind of strong governance.AI governance focus to inject ethics into technology advancement.Due to the huge growth in the implementation of artificial intelligence in almost every sector including health care,transportation economy’s, education,public safety and business the concern of AI governance is becoming important.

Q Why AI governance is important ?

Ans. Many nation many government and even many industries have said that we need strong AI governance and due to this fast emerging technology many nations many industries many practitioners have actually come up and articulated for themselves that how they would see themselves being governed in the use of AI and right now there were not many localities make any legislation on AI.


AI governance becomes necessary where machine learning algorithms are involved in making decision.Where AI based decision are unfair or contradict human right them AI governance comes into the picture. AI governance clarity to what role moral and ethical intuition play when interacting with AI and also which sectors are appropriate and inappropriate for AI automation and to what extent the legal and institutional structure need to be involved,access and control person data.



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