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Recently, in 2 cases the Supreme Court of India control that there’s no basic Right to Reservation. Firstly, within the case of Mukesh Kumar V. State of Uttarakhand.  during this case, associate attractiveness was filed before the Supreme Court of India relating to the reservation in promotion to the regular Caste and regular Tribes publicly Services. it absolutely was control by the Court that there’s no basic right to the Reservation within the promotion to assert by the folks.


Secondly, All Political Parties from the State of state filed a legal document Petition beneath Article thirty two relating to the non-implementation of Reservation of Medical Seats for different Backward categories (OBC) Candidates Contributed by the State of state to the All India Quota. The Supreme Court bench ordered by Justice Nageswara Rao control that there’s no basic right to Reservation. Hence, a petition filed beneath Article thirty two isn’t reparable  and directed them to file the petition within the court of Madras.


Whether the proper to Reservation is associate Exception to basic Rights Enshrined beneath half III of the Constitution of India?

What is meant by Reservation?

Reservation could be a method of reserving a precise share of Seats sure enough Communities like regular caste, regular Tribes, different Backward categories, etc. in Government academic establishments, Government Jobs, Legislative Assemblies, etc.


History of Reservation

The Reservation had its Origin from the old class structure.


Pre-Independence Period:

Initially, the concept of Caste-based Reservation was formed by William Hunter and Jyoti Rao Phule in 1882.


In 1933, Communal Award was given by Ramsay MacDonald. in this Award Separate Electorates for Muslims, Sikhs, Dalits, Indian Christians, Anglo Indians, and Europeans got Introduced.


The Communal Award wasn’t Accepted by Gandhi. Hence, the Poona written agreement was Signed within the Year 1932. In that, it absolutely was set that there would be no separate voters for Dalits however a reservation at intervals Hindu voters.


In 1943, Government Accepted the memoranda Submitted by DR. B.R. Ambedkar, and therefore the Reservation for regular Castes in Services became effective.


Post-Independence Period:

(New Clause to Article fifteen and 16.

The Decision control within the case of State of Madras V. Champakam Dorarirajan  paved  the means for the Insertion of a replacement Clause beneath Article fifteen i.e. Article 15(4). during this case, regime Reserved bound Seats in State Medical and Engineering faculties sure enough Communities and regime Reserved the Seats to enact Article forty six of the Indian Constitution. The Court control that the Reservation is void as a result of it discriminated against folks on the grounds of faith and Caste & it absolutely was additionally control that Directive Principles of State Policy cannot override the elemental Rights. Hence, to switch this call Article 15(4) was amended  beneath this Clause, the regime will create Special Provision for the advancement of any Socially and Educationally Backward categories or regular Caste or regular Tribes.


Similarly, Article 16(4) allows the regime to form provision for Reservation of Public post for any backward categories that, isn’t adequately drawn within the Services of State. Article 16(4-A) was additionally inserted [6]. It allows the regime to form Provision for Reservation within the matters of Promotion of regular Caste and regular Tribes that, don’t seem to be adequately drawn within the services of State.


Initially, Reservations were solely Provided for regular Caste and regular Tribes. Later, different Backward categories were additionally enclosed within the Reservation on the advice of the Mandal Commission.


Reservation- A Directive Principles of State Policy

According to Article forty six of Directive Principles of State Policy, the State needs to promote the tutorial and Economic Interests of regular Caste and regular Tribes with Special Care and to shield them from all types of Injustice and Exploitation. we tend to cannot eliminate this duty simply because it’s a Directive Principle of State Policy, in Minerva Mills V. Union of India [7] the Supreme Court control that the Indian Constitution is based on the bed-rock of balance between Directive Principles of State Policy and basic Rights and it’s additionally a vital feature of the fundamental structure of Indian Constitution.


Reservation- A basic Right

In the Landmark case of T. Devadasan V. Union of India [8], Justice Subba Rao control that the Reservation isn’t associate Exception to the elemental Rights however a district and parcel of basic Rights. He additionally control that while not reservation there’s no equality of chance. Right to Equality would be unimportant if unequals square measure Treated Equally. The Rule is that the likes of ought to be treated alike and not that not like ought to be treated alike [9].


Followed this call, In Hindu deity Sawhney V. Union of India [10] magnificently known as as Mandal Commission case, it absolutely was control that Article 16(4) isn’t associate exception to basic Rights however a district of it, and additionally Supreme Court by 6:3 majority control that sub-classification beneath Backward categories will be done.

According to the preceding cases, Right to Reservation isn’t associate Exception to basic Rights however a district and parcel of it.



The main aim of Reservation is to make sure the adequate illustration of Backward categories, regular Caste, and regular Tribes, etc… in Government jobs, academic establishments, etc… & to make tier taking part in field for them. Like Justice Subba Rao aforementioned while not Reservation, there’s no Equality. If Reservation Right isn’t given to those Communities as a basic Right then there’ll be no equality and that they are remaining within the Lower Ladder itself. there’s an opportunity of depriving their Rights and Exploitation. it’s a Gross Injustice in my read.

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