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Marriage in Republic of India from the yore was thought-about a sacred establishment. wedding is an establishment that establishes a relationship with 2 folks. Since it absolutely was thought-about sacred breaking of wedding was thought-about a sin. however with time this notion has modified and currently if the partners what to remain separated they will get relief through the provisions of the Hindu wedding act. during this article, we tend to discuss concerning the legal separation and divorce.


Judicial Separation

Divorce and legal separation fully completely different from one another. legal separation as mentioned in section ten of the Hindu wedding act provides that the legal separation for each the significant other, those that area unit married underneath the Hindu wedding Act, 1955. they will claim the relief of legal separation by filing a petition. Once the order is passed, they’re not sure to have living together.


It is a amount of separation mandated by the court before the divorce proceedings are often started. underneath all personal laws, the legal separation amount is for one year. the amount of legal separation provides time for partitioning the marital disputes and misunderstanding between the couple.


Difference between legal separation and divorce

Judicial separation could appear the same as divorce in some facet however it actually features a heap of distinction additionally.

Judicial Separation doesn’t terminate wedding whereas in divorce the parties aren’t any additional husband and mate and thence the wedding ends

While enterprise proceedings for legal separation, the court doesn’t ought to take into account that the wedding is for good closed or dampened whereas in divorce it’s needed whereas presenting the petition.

Both the parties will file for legal separation any time post wedding whereas just in case of divorce the parties will solely file for divorce solely once completion of 1 year of wedding.

A legal separation goes through one stage judgment procedure however; divorce goes through a two-stage judgment method.

There area unit sure provisions in marital Causes Act 1973 that area unit applicable to divorce however don’t seem to be applied to legal separation petitions no matter longing a two- or five-years separation amount.

Judgments with reference to Wills don’t seem to be applicable just in case of legal separation. just in case the parties area unit undergoing a separation time and if one among the significant others dies then the prevailing spouse won’t be benefited out of it and therefore the property can devolve.


Grounds of legal separation

There area unit numerous grounds for legal separation. Section ten has remodelled underneath the wedding (amendment) act 1976 and currently the grounds for divorce as given underneath section 13(1) and 13(2) are created the grounds for legal separation whereas antecedently they were separate and completely different.


The grounds of legal separation area unit as follows:


Either of the significant other or each area unit cruel for each other.

Case- Shyamsundar Vs. Santadevi



Either of the spouses isn’t alive and is missing for seven years and on top of.

Case- Guru Bachan Kaur Vs. Preetam Singh



Either of the significant others is being cheated upon by alternative spouse. just in case a husband or a mate is aware of that their various significant other is married which the opposite person is alive throughout this petition; then the grounds for legal separation strengthens.

Case- Revathi Vs. Union of Republic of India and Ors


Conversion of Religion:

Either of the spouses is forcing the opposite one to vary and convert his/her faith.

Case- In Durga Prasad Rao Vs. Sudharshan Hindoo


Insanity or abnormality

Either of the spouses isn’t during a sound condition.

Case- ego Roy Vs. Prabadh Mohan Ray (AIR 1969)


Venereal diseases:

Either of the spouses is affected by VD.



Judicial separation could be a method wherever spouses instead of divorcing get time to replicate on the issues and misunderstanding in their wedding and check out to resolve the issues between them if they’re soluble. legal separation therefore provides couples area to boost their relationship.

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