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Electronic contracts or e-contracts are  nothing however agreements entered in electronic kind, typically through a computer code framework, as hostile standard contracts documented on paper and signed in ink. Indian laws settle for totally different kinds of e-contracts, like e-mail transfers, clickwrap contracts, shrink wrap contracts, etc. The take a look at Associate in nursing validity of an e-contract in Republic of India still must cowl the pre-requisites of the contract as come into being within the Indian Contract Act, 1872.


The Information Technology Act 2000[1] conjointly governs and acknowledges the formation and execution of the electronic contracts. Most of the organisations these days, conduct business on-line and their legal agreements also are created on-line largely, particularly when the COVID-19 pandemic there has been a abrupt rise within the formation of e-contracts. however since it’s a replacement construct, there are sure legal problems that are long-faced by several, a number of these are mentioned below.


Laws Governing Electronic-Contracts

The basic condition of a contract being created that’s a suggestion and acceptance is ruled by the Indian Contract Act, 1872. in line with this, electronic contracts are as valid as written contracts however there’s one condition that they have to meet, that’s they must possess all the necessities of a sound contract. with the exception of this, the provisions of the data Technology Act, 2000 provides legal recognition to Associate in Nursing Electronic Contract.


This can be inferred from Section 10-A of the Act that states “Where during a contract formation, the communication of proposals, the acceptance of proposals, the revocation of proposals and acceptances, because the case is also, are expressed in electronic kind or by suggests that of Associate in Nursing electronic record, such contract shall not be deemed to be unenforceable alone on the bottom that such electronic kind or suggests that was used for that purpose.”


Various kinds of Electronic Contracts in Republic of India

There are numerous ways that  through which someone will enter in electronic go for Republic of India. the primary and also the most typical kind is through Associate in Nursing exchange of e-mail, wherever there’s a suggestion created and another party accepts it. The second kind is that of on-line agreements that consist of:

Browse Wrap Agreement:

This is the foremost basic kind of agreement that all people see nearly daily, once we use a web site that pop ups the message that by “By continued your use of those services, you comply with the terms and conditions” or “By sign language up I comply with the terms of use.”


Shrink Wrap Agreement:

Shrink-wrap agreements are essentially licensing agreements for computer code. The name derives from the shrink wrap packaging of the CD-ROMs during which computer code wont to be distributed. Nowadays, we have a tendency to see this kind of agreement before putting in of a computer code.


Click Wrap Agreement:

As the name suggests these are the type of agreement that we’ve to click {in a|during a|in Associate in Nursing exceedingly tick -box typically to continue the employment of a web site or an app. It provides USA the terms and conditions that we want to follow and settle for before any usage of the app or web site.


Legal problems concerned in Electronic Contracts

First and foremost, electronic contracts will take several forms. as an example, Associate in Nursing email voice communication with a transparent provide and acceptance is also thought-about a binding contract. this implies that the terms of the contract are  come into being in e-mail communications, messages, offers created, etc. between the client and also the provider. It’s not necessary for Associate in Nursing electronic-contract to contain several parts, simply a suggestion and acceptance is taken to the court for legal claims.


Apart from this, there are several alternative factors like we have a tendency to cannot see the person physically, if the electronic-contract is created sitting in 2 totally different states, that state’s law can govern the if any legal issue arises, there are  sure limitations of Associate in Nursing electronic-contracts, if there’s power or not, the digital signature was done by the person with whom the agreement is to be created or not as we have a tendency to cannot see the opposite party whereas forming Associate in Nursing e-contract.


Place of Formation Associate in Nursing Electronic-Contract & the world of Jurisdiction just in case of Breach

According to § 13(3) of the IT Act, Associate in Nursing electronic record is deemed to be sent at the place wherever the conceiver has his place of business, and is deemed to be received at the place wherever the recipient has his place of business except as otherwise in agreement to between the conceiver and also the recipient.


In the ancient style of agreement, wherever each the parties kind a contract that place is taken into account to be the world for jurisdiction, as whereas forming a conventional style of contract, the parties have to be compelled to be within the same place. Whereas, the electronic contract is created whereas sitting in numerous cities and states.


If a legal issue arises or there’s a breach of contract it’s up to the parties that either they’ll opt for one among the states from wherever they created the contract OR they’ll opt for a 3rd town for the jurisdiction. However, there’s one exception to the current rule that is given in CPC, providing just for 2 attainable places of jurisdictions to institute a claim.


Admissibility of Electronic-Contracts as proof in Courts

The Indian proof Act, 1872 was conjointly amended to incorporate numerous types of electronic contracts. when the modification in line with the proof Act, electronic records, electronic agreements and electronic contracts are admissible conspicuous .


In the case of State of Punjab and Ors. Vs. Amritsar Beverages Ltd. and Ors., the Supreme Court determined Section sixty three of the Indian proof Act makes numerous media like paper, optical or magnetic forms admissible in courts. Section 65-B of the Indian proof Act conjointly provides with data contained in digital kind in electronic record is admissible in court while not procuring the first document. however acceptability of an equivalent is subject to varied conditions prescribed beneath section 65-B of the proof Act



Even though the electronic contracts are the kind of contracts that are being employed the foremost these days, there are several loopholes and problems associated with it that even once such a big amount of amendments and acts aren’t resolved. In my opinion there ought to be some laws that govern on if the contracts weren’t signed with free consent or if the signature that is additionally in electronic type wasn’t done by the person, what ought to be done, as a of there are not any such provisions which give U.S.A. with this sort of drawback.


Also, as there’s any advancement of technologies with time, the laws can become redundant and a lot of issues can arise. they have to upgraded from time to time to stay up with such advancements. The IT Act will give U.S.A. with numerous laws however there are multiple loopholes gift which require to fastened. With the lockdowns and fulminant upsurge in formation of electronic contracts, I sincerely hope that government appearance into these little loopholes and work thereon.




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