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We sometimes see that our elders guide North American country and small one’s victimisation the on top of mentioned sentences oral communication will be} our custom and largely all folks follow it however therefore don’t and it’s neither against the law nor can the non follower get penalised because it isn’t law that is supposed to be followed by everybody as a result of once law is created it’s likely to be known  by all and have same consequences for most customs differs from community to community as an example – In Hindu wedding sporting white color throughout wedding is taken into account to be inauspicious wherever as In christian wedding sporting white color throughout the marriage is taken into account auspicious so we are able to say customs don’t have same consequences for all.


Therefore customs area unit the believes of our elders that area unit adopted unconsciously and voluntarily by folks through generations or {we can|we will|we area unit able to} say customs area unit habitual adaptation of some apply that are blindly followed and additionally that have gained legal binding (not by law however by people) as a result of they need been practiced in society from yesteryear as an example – the practice of dowry system none folks realize its origin though it’s practiced by a bigger section of society voluntarily.


Different views on custom

Custom varies from state to state even typically in a very explicit society completely different customs area unit followed by the folks. For example- contemplate living in a very society wherever folks from Bengal ,Bihar and Assam live along follows same tradition however at time of their own specific competition like bihu or Durga puja its utterly upto the community to follow as custom isn’t obligatory rather it’s a voluntary apply.


According to state capital custom may be a rule of conduct that the ruled observe impromptu and not within the pursuance of law set by a political superior through this following definition state capital desires to mention that custom may be a apply that is continously determined by the superiors of the society and is additionally enforced by them not for the social control of law created by authority rather for the social control of rules created by them.


According to Halsbury laws:

A custom may be a explicit rule that has existed either really or presumably from yesteryear and has obtained the force of law in a very explicit vicinity, though contrary to or not in line with the overall common law of the realm considering the subsequent definition we are able to say that custom is rule that has existed within the society over decades and thanks to its continuous and uninterrupted apply currently it’s applied either with voluntarily participation or with force by the folks not by law.


For example:

Inter caste wedding largely in rural areas is taken into account violation of their custom and therefore the guilty person is penalised by them not by law, however just in case of Lata singh v. State of UP the judgment created it clear that ladies includes a right to settle on her own life partner and marrying outside caste isn’t against the law.


How customs become law

The word custom springs from consuescere that relies on 2 words con” suggests that intense force and suescere” suggests that become accustomed” wherever as in Hindi custom means:


Riti, Riwaj, Rasam etc and in English custom is understood as apply, Habbit, Way, etc.

Custom is that the ancient and original supply of law that area unit developed by the habitual practices for the welfare of the society however solely few customs realize their manner and area unit backed with legal enabling, referred to as customary law and that don’t get pass area unit supported the principle of unjust enrichment ( suggests that good thing about one at loss of another) and obtain confined at intervals {a part|a neighborhood|an area unita|a district|a region|a locality|a vicinity|a section} of the society and is followed solely by those people that feel obligation towards it as customs are yesteryear.


For example: solely in few rural spaces kid wedding remains practiced though it’s verboten by law as a result of the folks of that area feels supposed towards it.


Therefore, customs so as to induce legal enabling should have the subsequent options and therefore the following points are:

Customs should be old which implies the people that area unit following it don’t realize its origin associated it ought to be an unconscious adaptation that they follow blindly with none questioning.

A custom to realize legal sanction should be followed endlessly with none interruption. If a custom is interrupted in between its application for a amount of your time and so once more resumed in apply then additionally it’ll not be thought of valid. In case of

Muhammad Hussain Faorki v Syed mian saheb,  it absolutely was control that unless there’s continuity there’s no custom.

A custom should be ethical. The custom that discriminates and follows the principle of unjust enrichment isn’t valid and don’t seem to be backed by law.

For example- in earlier days a custom named sati pratha was practiced however with the event of law it absolutely was thought of immoral for the women’s of the society.

The custom so as to be used as a supply of law should not be unreasonable it should not hurt the society. Prof. Allen says that actuality rule appears to be that the unreasonableness of the custom should be well-tried not the reasonableness” implies that the burden of proof for the unreasonable custom lies upon the difficult party.

Case: Navtej Singh Johar v Union of Asian nation

In the following case the burden to prove that {homosexuality homosexualism isn’t a violation of social norm (custom) rather it’s associate unfair practice against ones personal selections song upon the difficult party.



Customs area unit apply within the society with the practice of civilization as a result of customs area unit the norms of do’s associated don’t set and enforced by the folks themselves though there’s no original proof of its origin however still it’s an thick impact on the society thanks to its unconscious, habitual and blind adaptation over the years.

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