Are You Swallowing Leads, Toxins, Molds And Pesticides Together with Your Diabetes Supplements?

It can easily be the Wild, Wild West find out more here there – with dishonest companies taking advantage of the situation, selling a concoction of adulterated half cures, made with less-than stated ingredient quantities. USP/NF symbols enable you to sort through the alternative treatment.

November 6, 2006, Chicago, Illinois. USP/NF symbols help you sort through the Wild, Wild West of alternative medicine.

When buying off-the-shelf diabetic supplements, the USP (United States Pharmacopeia) and NF symbols on the package may be a great method to make sure you are enhancing you health – not damaging it.

NF and USP symbols are verification which the ingredients, grade, purity and dosage strength fit the stated claims of the manufacturer.

Precisely why would be that important?

The U.S. Food as well as Drug Administration does not have necessary manpower or the resources to directly handle the great variety of otc diabetic weight reduction as well as sugar management supplements flooding the market today (its believed that 151 million Americans swallow $17 billion worth of dietary, health and diabetic supplements every year).

As a result, it can be the Wild, Wild West out there – with dishonest manufacturers benefiting from the predicament, selling a concoction of adulterated half remedies, made with less-than stated ingredient levels.

Based on recent scientific studies, these is an increase in this type of activity, raising the value of USP and NF certification.

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