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AOL Mail will add toolbar buttons that give users of the AOL mail system accessto features that have only been available via the AOL specific client.
Unsend mail – Mail that has been delivered to other AOL mailboxes, but not yet read, can be unsent. The user will be prompted to confirm their intentions before the unsend action is completed.
Status – This action will display a list of the recipients of the selected email that shows when the AOL member read the email.
Report Spam – This will move the email to the Spam folder and forward a copy to the AOL Spam fighting system.
■ Thunderbird: � 2.0.0.*







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AOL Mail Crack For Windows is a mail client that allows users to access their AOL accounts from their desktop PCs. AOL Mail also allows users to view HTML formatted messages, and attach documents and images. AOL Mail comes with an IMAP client which allows you to access your email from your PC with any other mail client. Because AOL Mail is a standalone application, users can get the most out of their AOL email accounts with just a single application. If you are a Web-only user, then you can use the new addition of the “Quick Connect” function. Quick Connect allows AOL users to synchronize their AOL Mail folder with their desktop mail client when they connect to their account from a new computer.
New user interface:
AOL Mail 4.0 has a new user interface which is more intuitive than previous versions. This user interface will now be the default AOL Mail 4.0 user interface. There is a new “Desktop” icon in the system tray. Clicking this will open the AOL Mail in an email viewing window. Clicking the “AOL Mail” button in the system tray will open the AOL Mail again in this email viewing window.
If you are using AOL Mail for the first time, a setup wizard will guide you through the process. You will be prompted to sign in with your basic username and password. After you have signed in, the setup wizard will ask you which folder to use as the default folder. If you chose the AOL mail folder then that folder will be selected. Next, you will be prompted for your old email address. The final step is to determine if you wish to use an existing existing folder or start from a clean slate. If you choose “Leave existing” then you will have to sign in with your AOL password. Otherwise, you will start with a clean slate.
AOL Mail requires the following components:
* Thunderbird: � 2.0.0.*
* Logitech MM-5200 � MM-6200
* AOL Mail 4.0
* AOL Mail Setup Wizard
* Instructions for installing Mail 4.0
Start by downloading the AOL Mail Setup Wizard. After you have downloaded the file, double-click on Setup Wizard.exe to run it. Next, click on “Next”.
Next, you will need to fill in some information.
Enter your email address into the “Email Address” field. Next, you need to make sure you have received your mail from AOL. Make sure that your incoming mail server is

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AOL Mail is a simple AOL mail client and webmail interface,
AOL Mail is a simple AOL mail client and webmail interface,
that will let you send and receive email from your AOL account. AOL Mail comes with a number of useful features, such as you can check your mail from the web using your phone and get the following:
Unread email count
Unread email count
Date you last checked your email
Date you last checked your email
Long Time Last Login
Long Time Last Login
Unread from / Unread to list
Unread from / Unread to list
Date of last access of mail
Date of last access of mail
This is an early release and it is not recommended you use it on production systems.
Recent Releases:
What’s new with AOL Mail:
What’s new with AOL Mail:
Review AOL Mail on its own merits or features. Be thorough in your review and do not simply say “AOL Mail sucks.”
Describe how this client compares to other clients (e.g. Outlook Express).
Is the “Unread” list feature a good idea, or has someone else already done it?
Note whether it is an example of bad design, bad usability, or a different type of problem.
If you are providing a link to download the software, please do so here, at the Announcement Thread.Q:

How can I retrieve the size of a file from iCloud in PHP?

I am trying to retrieve the file size of a file stored on iCloud on my web app but cannot seem to find any related information.
After installing the app and making a file upload, the file size before uploading is displayed on the web app in a text field and after uploading the app requests the file size from the file host, but always returns 0.
Is there a way I can get the size of a file stored in iCloud on an iPhone app?


Apple does not allow developers to download the metadata of files stored in iCloud so you can’t get the information. The only way to get the metadata of a file is if you are the owner of the account where the files are stored.


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AOL Mail gives you the ability to access and manage email through the AOL mail system by communicating with your mail server.
Recent Comments

AOL Mail for Mozilla Thunderbird
Change the AOL mail text size

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What’s New In AOL Mail?

The AOL mail client is a client version of the AOL mail server. It is available for Linux (ie. x86, PowerPC, Alpha) and Mac OS X.
Unlike standard IMAP mail clients, AOL Mail implements the entire IMAP protocol, including POP3, before it sends the mail to the server. It is similar to MS Exchange and ICQ.
Since POP3 is only a subset of IMAP, the rest of the IMAP commands are not supported by the AOL Mail client.
This means that you won’t be able to use Mozilla Thunderbird as an IMAP client. AOL Mail does not support the special IMAP commands that allow Thunderbird to interface with the IMAP mail server. If Thunderbird does not support the IMAP-POP3 interoperability protocol, it will not be able to use AOL Mail’s support for POP3 mailboxes.
The newest version of AOL Mail for Linux was released in October of 2004. This release adds new features.
AOL Mail Readability: is the last release that will allow HTML mail. was the last release to support the MIME extention for HTML mail ( was the last release that supported exporting message to HTML. was the last release to support exporting message to a format that would upload to the web.
Features: is the first version to support external IMAP email and external POP3 mail. is the first version to support external SASL authentication. is the first version that will not require a unique email address. is the first version to support sending mail via Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP). is the first version to support POP3 mailboxes. is the first version of the new AOL Mail client.
This version of AOL Mail client is based on Thunderbird 1.4.5.
AOL Mail will not accept Outlook data files. It will only accept Outlook 2007 data files (or any version of Microsoft Outlook)
AOL Mail uses the file extension “.mbox” instead of

System Requirements:

*Windows 7/8/10 with DirectX 11 support
*4GB RAM and 500MB video RAM
*Internet connection to play Multiplayer modes
*2GB of free space
*Requires a modern computer
*Must have at least DirectX 11 support
*Must have at least OS Windows 7/8/10 with DirectX 11 support4GB RAM and 500MB video RAMInternet connection to play Multiplayer modes2GB of free spaceMust have a modern computer
We’ve all been there. You have a long car ride or

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