Anti Aging Supplements – Life Extension Foundation’s Top eight Anti Aging Supplements

Calorie restriction is definitely considered the secret to slowing down how fast you age. As the scientific community of the life Extension Foundation reaches the twenty fifth year of its, it’s clear the concept of extending the life of yours is technically feasible over the use of the following 8 anti-aging supplements.

While neither of the organic anti aging supplements listed below in this particular section have been officially proven by the F.D.A in the U.S to slow the aging processing, there’s significant evidence which they suppress inflammatory responses and also the damaging free radicals which are at the heart of what accelerate our hormones to bring about us to age quicker.

learn more by clicking hereOne) Testosterone

Testosterone, the hormonal stimulant for sex drive for both males & females that gradually declines with advancing age.

Playing a crucial part in maintaining bone density, muscle mass and strength, it is typically administered to girls and men as they get older in the type of a topical product, however injectable types and dental testosterone health supplements are popular as well.

2) Estrogen and Progesterone

The “female” steroid estrogen hormone and progesterone play crucial roles in bone density, strength and will help maintain your sex drive, mental clarity and helps your cells replenish their NAD+ levels (his response) battle the effects of the menopause.

The latest studies have also demonstrated that both estrogen as well as progesterone indicate they may be a great treatment for age-associated memory problems.


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