Android AI Wireless Car Play Dongle

Carplay and Android Auto: Q: What is the function of the smart box?
A: Most new cars in the family have car play systems connected to mobile phones, such as apple carplay or android auto. But the carplay function is only for listening to songs, talking on the phone and Google map. To be honest, the phone and listening to the song itself can be done. In fact, wired or wireless carplay is not very useful, and it is impossible to install any video or car directly. Intercom, in other words, only has sound but no picture.
Our smart box is an enhanced car-play smart box, because there is an android system inside, just plug in USB  to connect to the smart box, at that time, a single car-play itself can become a left diversified function, you can see what you want to watch Any video such as YouTube, Netflix, Now,  TVB, Premier League, karaoke, can install the fleet management walkie-talkie APP, because all apps can be directly downloaded to the smart box for use.

Q: Is the smart box safe to use and install? Will it affect the original car system frame?
A: The smart box has always been the main promotion market in Europe, and it is a hot-selling product in foreign countries.
Everyone can find the video of using the smart box through fb or YouTube. YouTube channels such as “CARPLAY LIFE” “Advanced in car technology” and other Youtubers have introduced them. Feel free to use it, but because of the different formulations, there are also similar products, but the better the performance experience configuration, the better the experience effect will be. If you want to try, try our smart box.273460638_5321772031185042_175979945220751803_n.jpg

Q: Is my car suitable for installation?
A: 90% of the existing cars on the market already have wired carplay, which can be used directly. Existing cars in the after-car market, such as Kenwood and Pioneer, can be used directly, but Tesla and BMW are already running carplay, or use wireless carplay, but if you want to use the Android operating system, you can also use it directly. You can download the APP software you want to use with the Android machine.273729981_5321772077851704_8250998503181851345_n.jpg

Q: How to install it?
A: Actually, the smart box is a plug-and-play product. The installation process is 2 seconds (plug in USB). The other is to use the touch screen to click and operate. You can use the smart box as an android pad or an Android phone. So there is no need for professional installation, you can complete the installation at hand, and it will not change or affect the original car system.268258152_5093944657301115_3160336774734815648_n.jpg

Q: Do I get an apple phone or an android phone?
A: In fact, the smart box has an Android operating system, you can go online through an apple phone, or an android phone hotspot, or use an internal key flow card to check a data card. You can download your application through GOOGLE PLAY. Used directly.270003201_5077251398959900_8801772172817723383_n.jpg

Q: Are there similar products in the market?
A: There are several types of smart box similar products. When the DDR and memory are smaller, the capacity will be more lagging, and the price will be more convenient. Anyone who has used a smart phone will know that the easier the memory is, the easier it is to freeze. Download your favorite APP, so most people will buy the top-equipped mobile phone configuration. The entry-level configuration is 4G+32G, and the top configuration is 4G+64.

Q: Is the smart box easy to use or how to guarantee the warranty if there is a problem with the box
A: The smart box is like a smart android tablet. It is easy to use and operate with touch control. The smart box has a one-year original warranty, quick disassembly and quick installation, and can provide one-for-one service.

Can you only have an Android 2din ?
The smart box opens up the original car screen audio and video function, and brings apps to the car, such as youtube, Netflix etc.252280284_932039717728940_7049213671778636362_n.jpg

One step: USB plug in
Plug and play, no need to change the host, will not affect the original car system and warranty, can be easily upgraded.271147964_5096913750326998_276663038634091413_n.jpg

Smart box is not just wireless carplay as simple, it can directly control the smart box android system in the car, so you can download apps to watch videos YouTube, Netflix, Internet, vault, now tv, live news, live football, and google map ,Wait for car entertainment.269918341_1269664706874460_1129031527052322094_n.jpg

Customer Questions & Answers

  • Question: Will Netflix play

    Answer: Dear. Yes. It has Netflix video app play. Thank you.

  • Question: Which version of Android is installed ?

    Answer: Video could not be loaded

  • Question: Is it me or are these all the same Chinese witless adapters in different housing and packaging and made up specs ?

    Answer: Smart box is researched and developed by Own Silent International factory. This box not only change wired car play and wired Android Auto to wireless car play and wireless Android Auto. But Also add Android system in our cars. Qualcomm 8 core 4G RAM 64G ROM and Wi-Fi. Support 4G SIM. Big ram and high speed. Work fast. It is easy to install. Only plug USB. Thank you.

  • Question: Work for a 2022 Mercedes Benz GLC300?

    Answer: Dear. If it is with original wired car play, CUSP AS Box Support. Thank you. Pls check Original screen is touch screen Or not touch screen. When you choose option. Pls take care. Thank you.

  • Question: If it fills the entire screen is is true 1920×720 or is it stretched 800×600?

    Answer: Dear. Pls take iPhone to connect the original radio. Android box menu will be same size. Thank you.

  • Question: I know the device works on gsm networks. i would still like to know the lt bands on the device?

    Answer: dear, it works with B2/4/5/7/12/13/17/ 25/26/41/66. thank you.

  • Question: Netflix app stopped working a few days ago. it keeps saying that i need to ‘retry’ to connect. how can i make the Netflix to work again?
Product Details

  • 【Excellent Performance 】2021 New CUSP Car-Play AS box is only for cars with OEM wired Car-Play. USB plug and play, you can add Android system to your car less than 30 seconds without dismantling the original car stereo. It is Added with Phone Mirroring and Split Screen Functions, make your driving journey with family remarkable! Tap the Car-Play icon to enter the Android system.271247049_498984985184013_971624296307279330_n.jpg
  • 【 8 Core and 4G+64G Capacity Memory】 Upgrade the memory capacity in 2021 and increase to 4+64G to reduce stalls and delays due to insufficient memory. Built-in Qualcomm octa core chip, Support 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi, Speed up the software processing speed create a smooth user experience. Also equipped with integrated GPS module, it provides precise online/ offline navigation. Supports factory GPS systems on some Audi, Porsche and Volvo vehicles (no need to install a separate GPS antenna)
  • 【 Original Wired Car-play Upgrade to Wireless and Add Android system 】- Plug in CUSP android smart box, add android system on the car radio original screen. add wireless car play android auto.
  • 【 Safe Driving 】Use CUSP AS Box, You can make Bluetooth hands-free calls on an Android smartphone or iPhone with ease and comfort. You can make calls or short text messages by call Siri or voice assistants without leaving your eyes ,keep focus on the road in front of you. It also retains the original car’s central control operation function, such as google voice, steering control, voice command, steering wheel control, etc. which is easier to use and enriches the driving experience
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