Alpha Heater [100% Save money] Quick Heat Up Comfortable, Warm & Cozy Your Place With In Few Minutes[Spam Or Legit]

Brand – Alpha Heater

Special Feature – Decrease/Increase Temperature, Adjust Speed, On/Off Timer Switch.

Specification – Compact & Lightweight, Quick Heat Up Time, Energy Efficient, Quiet Operation

Usage In – Indoor/Outdoor

Dimension – 4.3 x 2.8 x 6.5 inches

Country of Origin – USA

Get ready for cold winters with the Alpha Heater Best Compact Heater on the market right now!

I had never heard of an Alpha heater until my neighbor, Tony, ordered one and couldn’t stop talking about it. I became curious and wanted to put it to the test, and with Autumn on the way, it was the ideal time to get the portable heater and see for myself whether Tony was exaggerating.

Here is my Alpha heater review and conclusion on the small heater. And, from a customer standpoint, this could help the many Americans and Canadians who are on the fence about purchasing this product.

Alpha Heater Reviews

Alpha heater is a compact-sized plug-and-use heater that keeps a room cozy and comfortable. It doesn’t have bogus parts that could take up a lot of space and energy, so you will definitely save money on your electricity bills.

Alpha heater is a leading product in the US and Canada market, especially as it has low maintenance, does not need complicated installation when you follow the steps in the instruction manual, and is portable enough to carry around and use anywhere from the bedroom to the office.

To summarize, the Alpha heater is a small and mobile heater that helps keep your personal space warm and conducive without breaking the bank due to its less power usage compared to those big-size electric heaters. It also has many features that ensure your safety, such as temperature regulation to prevent overheating. Next, let’s cover its specs.

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Alpha Heater Specifications

Trust me when I say there is nothing as upsetting as getting a product that doesn’t match what was advertised. If Tony, my good ol’ neighbor, didn’t show me his Alpha heater, I might have had other expectations about how it would look. Here are the detailed specifications of the heater, so ensure that you have a clear view of what to expect before you order.

Portable: The Alpha heater is portable, and you can carry it in one hand. It can easily fit into a bag and be easily transported. If you were expecting a heater the size of a mini air conditioner, that’s not what you’re getting. It has a dimension of 4.3 x 2.8 x 6.5 inches.

Lightweight: It is pretty easy on the hand and when carried. It has a mobile structure coupled with a lightweight so it can easily be transported wherever you need it, maybe at home or in the office.

Remote-Controlled: The Alpha heater delivery comes with the device, an instructional manual, and remote control. This white and black colored remote makes it possible to turn on and off, increase and decrease the fan speed, temperature, and set the timer.

Low Noise: There are many Alpha heater reviews with bogus claims stating that the device is mute, and that’s false. It does generate noise, but it’s not noisy enough to piss you off.

Energy-Efficient: This compact heater saves power and money on your electricity bills.

500 Watts Power: Despite some desperate marketers saying the device is up to 1,200 watts, it is actually 500 watts, as clearly printed on the package box. Therefore, do not expect the same efficiency from a 5,000 watts heater.

PTC Ceramic Technology: This feature in heaters ensures its safety and effectiveness in small and big spaces. It is more modern than the traditional coil and consists of heating plates built from Avant-grade ceramics, allowing superb heat production and transfer.


How to Use Alpha Heater

As I mentioned earlier, the Alpha heater doesn’t require an intricate installation procedure and can be set up within a minute.

• Simply plug it into a wall socket, turn on the power switch (located at the top right corner of the device), and the display will come on.

• Now, press the power on button on the heater or the remote control.

• Next, set the temperature of your choice.

• If you like, you can also configure the countdown timer.

• Enjoy the cozy comfort of your personal space.

Safety Measures

To prevent electrocution, fire outbreaks, or damaging the Alpha heater, these are the safety precautions I follow:

• Keep the device away from water or other liquids when and when not in use

• Keep it out of the reach of children

• Do not use it when sleeping, just to be very safe

• Do not place heavy items on the heater

• When using a wall socket adapter, ensure it is compatible with the heater.

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Pros and Cons

As Alpha heater reviews consumer reports, it would be incomplete without including the pros and cons buyers are liable to experience. Here are the pros and cons so far that my neighbor Tony and I have shared.

• Timer Feature: This allows you to automatically set a turn-off timer of the heater, thereby regulating the heat level according to your comfort at any time.

• Tip-Over and Overheat Protection: Safety for you and your family is the most crucial. There have been cases of fatal fire incidents caused by neglected heaters. The tip-over and overheat protection of the Alpha heater makes it safer to use as the device will automatically shut down when it passes a specific temperature (higher than 122F) three times in succession.

• Cost-Effective: The price of the single unit ($49.95), when weighed against the benefits and features of the Alpha heater, made it easy for me to pull the trigger on the product, and there have been no regrets.

• Manufactured in the USA: This is a USA-made product, so there is an assurance of getting a top-quality device. Also, shipments and deliveries are fast, and the item is genuine.

• Works Fast: Within a few minutes, your personal space will get warmer and more comfortable. Perfect for the autumn and winter seasons.

• 30-day Money-Back: All orders are risk-free, as there’s 30-day protection when you buy on the Alpha heater official website, where you’ll also find exclusive discounts.

• Heat Up Small Rooms: One single heater unit is enough to properly heat up a small room of less than 350 square feet.


The original Alpha heater is only available for purchase on the company’s official website.

• It has no power cord, so you’re forced to plug it in and use it from a socket.

• Most home gadget products like the Smarty light bulb security camera usually have free shipping on some packages, but the Alpha heater requires a shipping fee.

• A friend had to return his heater because it couldn’t stay plugged in on the wall plug as its weight kept pulling it down.

• If you expect the Alpha heater to heat up a large room, you may end up disappointed.


Where to Buy an Alpha Heater?

The Alpha Heater Official website is the only place you should be buying the product from. It uses an online-only sales channel and provides the best pricing as it’s being sold directly from the manufacturers. You SHOULD NOT buy the Alpha heater from third-party resellers or anywhere else so that you do not end up with a knock-off piece of junk that might be ridiculously priced because they do not work.

• Get 1 Alpha Heater Today! USD 49.95 Heat up 350 square feet. Perfect for one room or small apartment.

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• Get 3 Alpha Heaters Today! USD 134.87($44.96 each) Heat up to 1,050 square feet. Perfect for big households with spacious floor plans.

By submitting, you affirm to have read and agreed to our Terms & Conditions.

As you can see, there is a growing discount (up to 70%) as you order more Alpha heater units at a go. Also, there’s an additional UPS shipping and handling fee of $9.95 to ensure a quick delivery within 3-5 business days. The payment processing is secured using the highest level of SSL authentication, and you stay covered with a 60-day money-back guarantee!

Alpha Heater on Amazon and Home Depot

For a fact, by a single Google search, you might find Alpha heater selling on Amazon, Home Depot, eBay, Lowe’s, etc., but the question is, should you buy from other retailers? The answer is NO, and the reason isn’t far-fetched.

There are many fraudulent people on the internet looking for ways to rip people off their hard-earned money, and they could be really smart about it. To have complete safety when ordering and not fall victim to replicas and people who won’t even deliver your order or communicate with you, ensure that you buy ONLY on the official website by clicking on the links scattered around in this Alpha heater review.

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Is Alpha heater Made in USA?

Yes it’s Made in the USA, Alpha Heater is a safe, affordable, and efficient option for anyone looking forward to investing in a personal heater that offers considerably great heating services.

Is Alpha heater really energy efficient??

Absolutely, Alpha heaters are compact-sized plug-and-use heaters that are designed to keep a room cozy and comfortable. They are one of the most energy-efficient heaters on the market, making them a great choice for those who are looking to save money on their heating bill.

How much electricity does an Alpha heater use?

Of Course its Low Energy Consumption Small Space Heater. Alpha heater runs on 500-watt low wattage, more energy-saving and cost-effective than those high power-consuming space heaters. Besides, it will not overload the electrical circuit. Great for people living in a mild climate.

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Is the Alpha heater quiet?

Warming gadget that will make your space more comfortable on cold days. Quiet and won’t keep you awake at night. This space heater has a timer function from 1 to 12 hours in 1 hour increments. It is designed for indoor use.

Alpha Heater Reviews on BBB and Trustpilot

Trustpilot and the BBB are two go-to review platforms where people go to get honest, unbiased testimonials about a product before buying. Their downside is that people could just go there and bash a product for personal reasons, maybe due to displeasure or lack of satisfaction. Alpha heater, so far, only has independent reviews like this one you’re reading now and ones from real customers.

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Conclusion on Alpha Heater Reviews Consumer Reports

After reading this Alpha heater review, it is evident why the portable home warmer is rated 4.81 out of 5.0 by people all over the world. It is a small, efficient heater that heats up personal spaces and is simple to use. It keeps your room warm, making it a very comfortable place to stay.

There are additional safety features like the timer and tip-over and overheat protection, which help to prevent fires and other potentially fatal hazards. It is also reasonably priced, has a 30-day money-back guarantee, and keeps your house and business toasty during the winter months.

Read Our Customers Feedback on Alpha Heater
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.79 / 5.00

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