All You Need to Know About Human Resources Careers

Employees are the most valuable assets of any organization globally. Being able to train and retain your most productive assets could mean the difference between the success and failure of your business. Since the recruitment of employees depends on an efficient HR department, you need qualified and experienced HR professionals in your organization. In this blog, we discuss the HR degrees that will help your organization reach its long-term goals.

Professional HR Degrees for a Successful Career

As the business environment is changing, so is the role of HR. While you could manage the entire employee recruitment process with a generalized degree, with greater complexity in business, you need to go for HR professional courses online. The degree you choose would depend on the position being applied for. Entry-level positions need a Basic Certification, senior positions need a ‘Professional in HR’ certificate, while top management positions require a Global Professional in HR certification.  Here’s what you need to know about the different certification courses for HR professionals:

Associate Degree in HR

This is ideal for entry-level positions where you deal with general administration. This two-year course covers English, Math, and HR-centric topics. The next step is a Bachelor’s Degree. 

Bachelor’s Degree

Try this course if you don’t have experience but are looking for a higher position and starting salary. You will learn about the training programs, staff evaluation, best labor practices, and compensation packages. You’ll also be applying theory to practice. 

Master’s Degree

This course is meant for experienced professionals wanting a career in HR. This 2-year course prepares you for top management positions with international exposure. You will learn advanced concepts like employee rights, compensation design, and strategic HR planning. 

Different Career Opportunities in HR

Here are some exciting career options for HR professionals: 

  • Coordinator: This entry-level position requires an Associate degree in HR. The job involves basic administrative responsibilities and employee record management. 
  • Specialists: They are involved in the end-to-end recruitment process. A Bachelor’s Degree is required.
  • HR Manager: You need a Bachelor’s Degree with at least 5 years of experience for this position. A Master’s Degree would be recommended.
  • VP Human Resources: A Master’s Degree is mandatory for this position. They deal with more complex processes like employment contract drafting and legal compliance. 
  • Senior Recruiter: A Master’s Degree is preferred, but an Associate Degree is accepted here. They are involved in talent acquisition. 
  • Training and Development Manager: A Master’s Degree is required, and you would be managing a team of professionals. 



You can look forward to a successful human resources career with human resources management courses available online. Enroll with online learning platforms like Cudoo, and become an HR professional today!

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