Airmagnet Survey Pro 82 293


Airmagnet Survey Pro 82 293

200 chapter 3: overview of airmagnet survey after you set the scan time and scan window, you also need to specify a start point, end point, and scan method for the scanning process. at the top of the scan channels screen in the wireless channel configuration section, you will see the following options: start a valid point (latitude, longitude, or both) in the red dot in the map window is used as the starting point of the scanning process, with an appropriate scan method (normal/extended) selected. endpoint a valid point (latitude, longitude, or both) in the blue dot in the map window is used as the destination point of the scanning process, with an appropriate scan method (normal/extended) selected. this option lets you specify a starting point and end point that are specified in world coordinates. you also specify scan methods for regular (normal) and extended channels, allowing you to prioritize which channels you want to scan or select all channels in an area.

185 verifying end-to-end connectivity once a wlan connectivity test is completed by surveying a wireless network, it is important to verify that the connectivity is end-to-end. you can test the end-to-end connectivity at the ip level by using the embedded ping tool in airmagnet survey to transmit a series of ping packets between the survey points. you can test ip-level connectivity using the embedded ping tool by typing its command on a command line window and pressing enter. after the test is completed, click close to end the test. or you can go directly to the ping tool by clicking the lower right corner of the map window. choose the ping tool from the lower-right dropdown list (figure

1 Wireless LANs are often based on either the IEEE 802.11 standard or the improved and revised IEEE 802.11b standard. Both are commonly referred to as Wi-Fi. While this name is used on a wide scale, it is a specific standard with its technical specifications defined by the IEEE. The Wi-Fi name usually serves as a marketing name for those technologies that are based on the 802.11 standard.
AirMagnet Survey Pro .
. (a) What are the two commonly used wireless technologies?“The widely-used IEEE 802.11 and the IEEE 802.11(b) standards for wireless local area networking” are the two commonly used wireless technologies. The IEEE 802.11 or Wi-Fi is a family of air-interface standards developed by the IEEE 802. The air-interface is the term used to describe how signals flow between the radio and the device communicating over the network. For example, all Ethernet hardware uses the IEEE 802.

ethernet. The 802.11 or Wi-Fi family of standards is more commonly used and is the subject of this manual. The 802.1 2. Throughout most of this manual a distinction is made between the terms radio frequency (RF) and microwave frequency. In most cases the distinction is based on an IEEE standard or a standard set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The air interface describes how data is transmitted and how to make the data intelligible to the receiving device.
Figure C-11 802.1 2.2 2 Radio Frequency and Microwave Frequency. (a) Microwave frequency is a wavelength below 1. Calculating 2-Watt Radio and Microwave Frequencies.
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802.11 1. The RF is the portion of the radio frequency spectrum that includes some frequencies below 100 MHz. Microwaves are part of the RF and are above 100 MHz. Above 100 MHz is referred to as the microwave frequency. Below 100 MHz is referred to as the radio frequency.
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AirMagnet Survey Pro
.2 2 Microwave frequency is a wavelength above 1 µm. Calculating 1-Watt Radio and Microwave Frequencies. 2-Watt radio Frequency If your radio is operating on a 2-

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