Advisory Jurisdiction & Special Leave Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court

Advisory Jurisdiction – A. 143

—A. 143(1) – when it appears to the President that an issue of law or reality has emerged or is probably going to emerge, which is of such a nature and of such open significance, that it is ‘convenient to acquire the assessment of the SC upon it, he might allude the make a difference to the SC for its thought.

—The Court ‘may’ after such hearing at its thinks fit to report to the President its viewpoint subsequently.

—Use of the word ‘may’ – not bound, may decline to offer its perspective.

—Under A. 143(2) – a matter avoided from the SC locale under A. 131 might be alluded to it for its opinion and the SC ‘will’ after such getting report to the President its point of view consequently.

Methodology to be followed –

—Registry records and places the matter before a division seat comprising of 2 adjudicators.

—AG is educated.

—Preliminary complaints are likewise engaged.

—They allude it to at least 5 adjudicator seats.

—The opinion is conveyed in the open court by a greater part.

—The dissenting judge can offer his own viewpoint.

—The method is roughly like some other legal hearing.

The extent of A. 143 –

—No impediment at all.

—No restriction that the matter ought to relate to the President’s forces, capacities or obligations or those of CG.

—No limits as to allude to the issue in the Union List or the Concurrent List.

—Not fundamental that the inquiry has really emerged.

—Only 2 focuses are fundamental.

—President’s activity is thus under the guidance of the CoM.

—President can allude to just such inquiry which has not to be chosen before by the SC.

—SC can’t be approached to reevaluate its previous assessment.

—It can’t change over its warning locale into the investigative ward.


—SC can’t go past the subject of reference.

—A. 143(1) utilizes the word ‘may’ – carefulness of the SC may deny for solid reasons.

—The SC has said that theoretical, dynamic, or speculative inquiries ought not to be alluded to.

—A. 143(1) utilizes the word ‘may’ while cl. (2) utilizes the word ‘will’, the justification is – it could be feasible to settle the issue falling under cl. (1), in any case, matters alluded under cl.(20 are banned from the legal investigation due to A. 131 and A. 363.

—Therefore, it won’t be feasible to get a legal decision on this issue subsequently ‘will’ is utilized in cl. (2).

—C. (1) is summoned on various occasions, cl. (2) is never conjured as of not long ago.

A. 136 – Special Leave Jurisdiction

—A. 136 confers an uncommon ward on the SC.

—It opens with a non-obstante provision – “regardless anything in this part” implies that A. 136 isn’t influenced by A. 132, 133, 134, and 134(A).

—The residuary force of SC

—Plenary power – no words qualify the force

—Its been characterized as an optional force of vastest sufficiency, unhampered, unequipped for being restricted, limitless….etc.

—Subject to only one restriction – astuteness and capable of equity of judges.

—M.C. Mehta v. UOI – an expression of alert was sounded that the force ought to be practiced as per law and set lawful standards.

—Earlier the SC has referenced that the force ought to be used for deciding just significant inquiry of law.

—In the new occasions, it emphasized that meticulousness and circumscription should incite the court to meddle just if exceptional imperfections or grave treachery are made out.

—A. 136 is exceptionally complete and framed in the largest potential terms.

Extent of A. 136 –

—Under A. 136, the SC can dismiss the limits contained in A. 132-134.

—A. 132-134 grants requests from the HC to the SC. No such limitation on A. 136. Utilization of the word ‘any request’ – which means advances from the HC, as well as the subordinate court, can be documented in fitting cases.

—The word ‘request’ had not been qualified by byword ‘last’ as in instances of A. 132-134. SC has the ability to hear an allure even from a break or interlocutory request. Customarily it practices alert, yet in remarkable cases, it can.

—A. 136 does not characterize the idea of procedures from which it can hear advances. Accordingly, it can hear requests from common, criminal, work questions, charge matters, and so forth

—SC can hear requests from requests of any Tribunal.


—Under A. 136, the SC can hear an offer despite the fact that the customary law relating to debate makes no arrangement for such allure.

—Jurisdiction gave by Constitution. Can’t be delineated by conventional authoritative interaction.

—SC can hear bid in any event, when the council has proclaimed the governing body has announced the choice of the court or court as last.

—SC has the whole locale to concede leave and hear bids at the request of any court or council. This gives the SC the force of legal administration over every single subordinate court.

—Scope of A 136 is truly adaptable. Just impediment is ‘intelligence and better than average of Judges’.

—Do not present a ‘right’ on anybody. It awards carefulness to the SC.

—A. 136 includes 2 phases – a. Conceding unique pass on to bid; b. Hearing the allure.

—There is no exact or clear answer that in what conditions the court ought to meddle.

—The court might dismiss the appeal for reasons like – delay, locus, the inquiry isn’t good for the court’s guilty pleasure, and so forth

—Lack of value or validity of proof might warrant the SC’s impedance.

—After conceding leave, the SC can disavow it on the off chance that it thinks essential.

Dhakeshwari Cotton Mills Limited v. CIT

AIR 1955 SC 65

—The Court expressed, “it is preposterous to expect to characterize the constraints on the activity of the optional ward vested in the court. The impediments whatever they might be, are implied in the nature and character of the actual force. It being an outstanding and superseding power, normally it must be practiced sparingly and with caution& just in unique and remarkable circumstances. Past that, it is unimaginable to expect to shackle the activity of this force by any set recipe or rule”

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