Addressing the Skills Gap: How MSMEs Can Invest in Training and Upskilling Their Workforce

The skills gap is a common issue for many businesses, especially MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises). With rapidly changing technology and the need for new and advanced skills, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to invest in training and upskilling their workforce. In this article, we will discuss how MSMEs can address the skills gap by investing in training and upskilling their employees.

  1. Assess the Skills Gap:

The first step to addressing the skills gap is to assess the current skills of your workforce and identify the gaps that exist. This can be done through surveys, assessments, and feedback from managers and employees. Once you have identified the skills gaps, you can develop a training and upskilling plan that addresses those gaps.

  1. Develop a Training and Upskilling Plan:

A training and upskilling plan should be developed based on the skills gaps identified. The plan should be comprehensive and should cover all aspects of training, including training objectives, timelines, budget, and training methods. It is important to involve employees in the development of the plan to ensure that it meets their needs and expectations.

  1. Provide On-the-Job Training:

On-the-job training is one of the most effective ways to upskill employees. This involves providing hands-on training while employees are working. This type of training is especially effective for jobs that require specific technical skills. It allows employees to learn and practice new skills in a real work environment.

  1. Use E-Learning:

E-Learning is becoming increasingly popular as a training method. It allows employees to learn at their own pace and in their own time. E-Learning can be used for a variety of training topics, including soft skills, technical skills, and compliance training. It is also a cost-effective training method, as it eliminates the need for travel and accommodation expenses.

  1. Offer In-House Training:

In-house training involves bringing in trainers to conduct training sessions at the workplace. This type of training is effective for providing specialized training that cannot be provided through on-the-job training or e-learning. In-house training can also be customized to meet the specific needs of the organization. 

Recovering from a crisis is a challenge for any MSME. Building a culture of resilience can help MSMEs to adapt, recover and thrive. By focusing on positive mindset, collaboration, diversity, technology, continuous learning, relationships with customers and suppliers, and crisis management planning, MSMEs can build resilience and overcome challenges.

  1. Provide Mentoring:

Mentoring is another effective way to upskill employees. It involves pairing employees with experienced colleagues who can provide guidance and support. Mentoring can be formal or informal, depending on the needs of the organization. Mentoring can be a valuable tool for MSME recovery as it provides guidance, support, and advice from experienced individuals who have faced similar challenges. Here are some ways in which mentoring can assist MSMEs in their recovery:

  • Business strategy development: Mentors can help MSMEs assess their current situation and identify opportunities for growth. They can provide guidance on developing a business strategy that aligns with the company’s goals and resources.
  • Financial management: Mentors can provide advice on managing finances, budgeting, and cash flow management. This is crucial for MSMEs that have been impacted by the pandemic and are struggling to keep their businesses afloat.
  • Marketing and sales: Mentors can help MSMEs develop effective marketing and sales strategies that will help them reach new customers and increase revenue.
  • Networking: Mentors can provide MSMEs with access to their networks, which can help them connect with potential customers, partners, and investors.
  • Emotional support: Running a business can be stressful, and mentors can provide emotional support to MSME owners who may be feeling overwhelmed or discouraged. This support can be invaluable in helping them stay motivated and focused on their recovery efforts.


Addressing the skills gap is crucial for the growth and success of MSMEs. Investing in training and upskilling the workforce can improve productivity, quality, innovation, and employee retention, leading to better business outcomes. MSMEs can implement various strategies to invest in their employees, such as creating a culture of learning, providing on-the-job training, using e-learning platforms, and partnering with external training providers. Additionally, MSMEs can leverage government programs and incentives to support their training initiatives. By prioritizing employee development and skill enhancement, MSMEs can create a competitive advantage, increase their market share, and contribute to the economic growth of their communities.

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