A Secret Credit Score Your Car Dealer Will not Let you know About

You are willing to buy a new car.

You have accomplished all your homework.

You understand your 3 FICO credit scores.

You decide that your highest FICO credit score is from Equifax (also known as your BEACON score).

Therefore, you come across an automobile dealer that uses your highest score (which increases the chance of yours to get approved at a good rate).

You reach the dealership and ignore all the sales agents by stepping straight to the finance director’s office.

But as the financial director reviews your fix my credit (see this site) file in front of you…you can’t help but believe something is wrong.

Certainly enough…the dealer says the Equifax/BEACON score of yours isn’t sufficient for the lowest interest rate of theirs.

fix your creditCar Dealers Could use “Different” FICO Scores Than The ones You See

Precisely what a Former Auto Finance Director Revealed to Me

A Dirty Trick Car Dealers Can Play together with your FICO Scores

The way Some Car Dealers “Play the Spread” to get You to pay More

The best way to Make use of your FICO Scores to Your Advantage when selecting a Car

So How do you Use this Information that will help you Get Your Next New Car Financed at the most effective Interest Rate

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