In this article we will discuss about the women centric laws and how it is misused by women. When we see the history of India the most oppressed section of society were women.  They were tortured, exploited and discriminated. They were beaten by their husbands, in-laws etc. After the passing of time a number of people started realising the situation with which a women was suffering. Hence, so many laws were made in favour of women to save them from such problems. There are various laws framed after independence to protect the women like Hindu Marriage Act 1955,Hindu Marraige and Adoption Act 1956, Special Marriage Act 1954,Dowry Protection Act 1961, Domestic Violence Act 2005, Prevention of Child Marriage Act 2006 and certain provisions of IPC like section 498A which deals with the subjugation of women to cruelty by her husband or her in-laws, Section 304B which is made to protect women from cruelty by her husband and in-laws for dowry, Section 375 which was enacted to help the women to get justice if they are forced into sexual intercourse and so on. But it has been said that if a person gets too much, he starts doing wrong things. Today, women are taking unwanted advantage of the laws and facilities provided by IPC and constitution of India. There are many cases which has came in light where women entrapped men in false cases. I have seen an incident which I want to share. There was a women whose marraige was fixed and at the time of marraige some sort of misunderstanding arose from the Groom side. The problem was increased so much that the marraige process was stopped. But after some discussion between both the parties, the marraige was completed. After the groom came to her laws house, her behaviour was very rude towards the members,she didn’t do any work and started arguing in every topic.After seeing all this actions, the bridegroom’s family filed a case of divorce. The groom on the other side filed two cases,first a case of dowry on bridegroom’s family and second one of physical violence and harassment. She said that the opposite were trying to kill her by throwing kerosene oil on her. But the reality was that the bridegroom and his family never even touched her. I have shared one case with you all, but the rear more than thousand of cases where women misused the laws provided to them. There are various legislations which protect the rights of females but none of the legislations support the cause of men in the society. Most of the cases of divorce go under the Domestic Violence Act and cruelty under section 498A of IPC. Many times these cases are just filed to get money from their partners.And only one such false allegation is capable of running his career and reputation in the society. There are various laws which provide maintenance of a wife by her husband, but no provision are there which talk about husband being maintained by his wife. There are laws made to protect women from sexual harassment at workplace. But there are no laws at such which could help males. So we can see that there are a number of loopholes in Indian constitution regarding the rights and safeguards of man in the adverse conditions. When a woman is raped, everyone comes forward and gives her sympathy .There is no wrong in this but what about a man who was charged with the offence of rape and is proven innocent. Does the society treat him in the same way as they used to do before he was trapped in a false case? The answer is no. I’m not saying that the women should not be protected,but such type of legislations is made which should not destroy an innocent Male’s life. In a landmark judgement, the Hon’ble Supreme Court has said that women are spreading legal terrorism in India. The most misused provision of law in India is the dowry prevention law(section 498A/406of IPC), but despite this there is no any modification made over the years.

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