8Dio Adagio Violins Vol 1 V10 KONTAKT

8Dio Adagio Violins Vol 1 V10 KONTAKT

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8Dio Adagio Violins Vol 1 V10 KONTAKT

as with most other libraries, 8dio has included a midi mapping for all the patches. this allows you to play the patches and record them into your daw. i’m a big fan of the midi mapping in this library since it’s one less thing to worry about. for example, if your midi controller doesn’t have the right keyboard or pitch bend wheel for a particular patch, you can simply make a note or two in your daw and use the correct instrument for the job. also, while not every instrument is the same, most of the instruments sound similar enough that it’s easy to adapt to a new instrument.

each instrument has its own unique balance of articulations and this is made clear through the articulation page. this is where you can select a string section as well as view each instrument’s articulations. for example, the piccolo has a weighted marcatos sound while the contrabass has a busier legato list. 8dio have also included each string’s key signature so you can quickly determine how many sharps or flats are in the section.

the library also contains samples of 80 of the world’s most respected pianos. although the pianos have been sampled in the traditional manner, each piano has a distinct sound due to the way they were sampled. the samples range from the traditional grand piano sound to the more acoustic sounds of a classical grand piano and include the grand piano in the upright position. as you’d expect, the samples also include a collection of the various piano styles such as harmonic, legato, slur, accented and glissando styles. for your convenience, the pianos are divided into 8 categories: acoustic, harmonium, piano, classical grand, classical piano, upright piano, grand piano and grand piano style. in addition, the library contains 8 short arpeggiators with various rhythms and eight different arpeggiators with dynamics. and if you need more.. 8dio also sampled around 60 violin ensemble phrases of the type often heard in orchestral music and movie scores. they consist of simple two- and four-beat patterns repeated over two 4/4 bars and concluding with afinal accented note. the majority of them are eighth-note licks played at around 176bpm, and each phrase has an alternative crescendo version. although tightly played, the phrases are unfortunately not tempo-sync’ed, but they do sound absolutely great, and should provide inspiration for anyone who needs some ideas for authentic-sounding violin ostinatos. also included in this patch is aminiature collection of rather predictable effects: random pizzicatos, unisons that driftout of tune and slide around randomly,and acouple of samples of the players tuning up.




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