5 Tips For Persuading Seniors To Wear Diapers

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Are you struggling with how to convince your elderly loved one to wear adult diapers? You probably don’t know how to convey the message to them that it’s time to wear adult diaper? Don’t worry too much; we’ve got the solution for you. 


Some may see it as unusual to think of adults wearing diapers. The thought of it sends an uneasy feeling to their minds. 


Wearing adult diapers may often be a necessity rather than an option. Reasons to wear adult diapers range from incontinence and severe diarrhea to dementia. Whatever be the case, it can be essential to get your loved one to wear adult diapers. 


Let’s consider how to persuade seniors to wear diapers. 


How do You Persuade Your Senior to Wear Diapers? 


1. Engage Them in a Discussion 

If you don’t have an elderly loved one who needs to wear diapers, count yourself lucky. But if the contrary is the case, you may have difficulty convincing them to wear diapers. 


The first thing you want to do to get them to wear diapers is to engage them in a discussion. Talk frankly with them. Let them know that wearing diapers is not a matter of fun but for their good. 


In the cause of your discussion, it is advisable to avoid using “diapers.” Experts have recommended that you use “protective wear”,  “adult underwear,” or any other word that describes the use of diapers. 


Seniors feel shy to talk them into wearing diapers, so you may be dealing with the psychological effects when you call it protective wear or underwear. 


Explain the reasons why they should wear diapers. If it’s a medical cause, feel free to say so. Let them know that wearing diapers is no fun; it’s necessary. 


2. Tell Them of The Advantages 

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While engaging him in a discussion, talk about the advantages of wearing diapers. There are several benefits of wearing adult diapers. Some of them are: 

It makes Them Feel More Comfortable 

Let him understand that wearing diapers will make him feel more comfortable and pleasing. No matter the reason for wearing adult diapers, one sure thing it will do is provide comfort for you. It gives you enough comfort to move out freely. 

It Makes Them Feel Secure 

Yes, it makes him feel more secure than before. Wearing adult diapers will allow you to go anywhere anytime without fear of accidental discharge. This is usually the aspect that causes shame and embarrassment to both the elderly loved one and the one caring for him. 

It is Very Hygienic 

Wearing diapers is more hygienic than not wearing them. Especially if your elderly loved one wears diapers because of a medical condition, it is healthy and hygienic to wear adult diapers. 

No One Knows What You’re Wearing Under! 

After all, no one will know that you are wearing diapers unless you tell them. Your underwear is a secret, and no one will ever know what you are wearing unless you reveal it. 


3. Counsel Them or Ask for Doctor’s Help 

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Some adults may be stubborn and may want to resist the idea of wearing diapers. They need counsel. If your loved one is one of such, you need to counsel them. 


You can get a counselor to talk to them or do it yourself. People tend to listen to a third party more than their acquaintances. Get a friend or neighbor to talk to them. They might listen and comply.  


If your efforts at counseling seem not to work, get their doctor to talk to them. They are more likely to listen to their doctor than to anyone else. They might consider the doctor’s advice as a prescription. 


Some people feel more relaxed and comfortable when their doctors speak about their health challenges.  


4. Be Nice to Them 

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People are more likely to feel better and more responsive if you show care and love to them. If you have an elderly one who needs to be convinced to wear diapers, it won’t be difficult if you consistently show love and care to them. It will seem to them as part of your desire to make them feel good. 


Always be nice to your elderly loved ones. They want to be loved. They want to connect with you.  


5. Show Samples and Demonstrate How to Wear Them. 

At times, visualizing the prospect of wearing a diaper might seem frustrating to the average adult. But when the reality is staring you in the face, you may have no choice but to do something. 


Show your elderly ones the diaper and demonstrate how it is worn. By so doing, you may remove the myth or phobia, or stigma that accompanies the use of diapers by seniors. People feel more comfortable and relaxed when you put yourself in their shoes. 




Thankfully, wearing adult diapers is becoming popular every day. More people are getting to be aware of its usefulness. People with terrible medical conditions that can lead to accidental discharge have to be encouraged to use adult diapers. 


In some cases, adult diapers can be worn for convenience and not for medical reasons. Sportsmen and women wear it for comfort. 


Whatever reason you want to use it, an adult diaper is a companion that goes everywhere with you without getting noticed.   


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