5 Reasons Why Social Media is important for SEO

What the heck does social media have to in relation to SEO? At MWI we hear this a lot from customers who are currently or are considering becoming clients. Social media is a fast expanding channel of marketing that many businesses have only begun to take advantage of over the past few years, however it’s very important to leverage in particular if you’re putting resources in SEO. Making and managing social media accounts are extremely crucial to support SEO initiatives, but the benefits may not be immediately evident. Here are five reasons why social media is crucial for SEO.

1.) Social Media Signals

It is no secret that Google, Bing, and other search engines make use of online conversations in their ranking algorithms. Social engagement occurs when people like, comment, share, or aiml.Free.fr/modules.php?name=your_account&op=userinfo&username=moses90952 tweet about an article. The more social engagements your content receives, the more social signals you build to your site. Search engines evaluate the social signals they receive, and then use them as an element of quality when evaluating the content. This allows search engines to identify what people find most useful and what their algorithm deems as high-quality. If a piece of content receives a lot of social shares it will be immediately classified.

2.) Link Building

It’s past the time that you could get hyperlinks from other sites. Google’s Panda/Penguin algorithms have forced SEOs to linkbuild by using the traditional method of creating high-quality content that is relevant. How do you reach websites that are willing to link to your content, if you ask them directly, which would be thought to be “unnatural”? Social media is the way to go. Social media allows you to expose your content to interested audiences who might be willing to link to your content, in the event that it’s worth linking to. They will also promote your content to their networks and increase the reach of your content.

3) Content Amplification

No matter how top-quality the content you publish, it’s not going to achieve much success until you amplify it. Yes, email marketing is an excellent way to increase the reach of your the content, but it’ll only reach people within your marketing database. Social media can help you reach new audiences with your content. When you share your content, the people who follow you will spread it to their networks in the event that they find it helpful. This will allow them to be able to share your content with their followers, increasing the reach of your content. In return, you earn lots of relevant traffic and inbound links, as well as branding awareness and social signals All of these are utilized by search engines to determine the quality of the content.

content amplification lifecycle

4) Brand Recognition and Signals

Search engines use brand reputation and image to assess the credibility of your website and how trustworthy it should be for their ranking algorithms. Aside from amplifying your content social media also aids in increase brand recognition. Google calls this co-citation. These co-citations are built through social media to improve Google’s trust and assist with brand-name searches.

5) Social Indexing

Search engines have been indexing social media profiles for some time now which means that they appear in results pages for search engines. This allows your business to show up in search results that include branded search queries that are not limited to just your own website. However, it’s even more than that. Individual tweets from Twitter were at one time indexed and displayed in search results as well – enabling another way to ensure your content’s ranking in search. The program was only temporary, however the deal was ended when Google stopped it after a few months. Google will once again show tweets in search results, so it’s important to leverage it for getting your content ranked.

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