4 Best Water Purifier Brands in India – Buyer’s Guide

We all know that water purifiers are a basic necessity in every home today if you want to drink pure water and protect yourself and your loved ones from waterborne diseases. When buying a new water purification system, most individuals invest in one without giving it much of a thought. While some of them fall prey to the tactics of salesmen, the others get attracted by the advertisements they get to watch online or on television.

If you actually want to buy the best water purifiers for your home, you should know which brands are reliable and have made a name for themselves by offering trustworthy purification systems. To help you narrow down your shortlist, we have listed out the top water purifier brands in India.


Without an iota of doubt, KENT is India’s leading water purifier brand and has created a revolution in this industry. Its next-gen water purifiers give access to 100% pure and safe drinking water with their multiple purification technologies in a single purifier (i.e., RO (reverse Osmosis), UV (Ultraviolet), UF (Ultrafiltration) and TDS controller – all in a single purifier). With these multiple technologies, you can be assured that all kinds of harmful impurities are removed from water.

The TDS controller or patented Mineral RO technology ensures that the essential minerals are retained in the purified water. Further, futuristic innovations like UV LED light in the storage tank, zero water wastage technology to save water and digital display of purity, RO flow rate and filter life add more value to the performance and efficiency of its purifiers. All these make KENT the topmost choice of brand for water purifiers.


Aquaguard, owned by Eureka Forbes, is another brand that is well-known for its vast range of water purifiers. It has many high-end purifiers integrated with cutting-edge technologies such as smart LED indicators and RO+UV technology. The brand is also known for following the quality standards at its manufacturing plants. Many of its purifiers come with health protection technology that indicate to users that the filters have reached the end of their life. This technology also stops the purifier’s functioning to ensure that unsafe water is not dispensed.

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A. O. Smith

A. O. Smith offers an extensive variety of elegantly designed and stylishly crafted water purifiers with advanced purification technologies. These purification systems are apt for home use and suit your daily needs. Besides RO or UV purification, they are also equipped with high-wattage ultraviolet lamps that help in killing microorganisms efficiently so that the dispensed water is healthy and safe. These purifiers are available as tabletop, ‘under the counter’ and wall-mountable models. You can choose one of these depending on your individual needs.

Blue Star

If you are looking for an efficient range of RO water purifier, Blue Star also offers quite a few good models. Depending on your needs, you can opt for RO, UV or UF purifiers or a combination of all these purification methods. The brand is also known for its mineral infuser purifiers – a concept that adds minerals such as magnesium, calcium and other such minerals that help in oxygenating and fortifying water for good health.

These are the top choices of brands for the best water purifiers in India. Understand the quality of water you get at home by getting it tested and choose a purification technology that is best suited for the water. Then, compare the various models with the specific purification method from these brands. After comparing them based on various factors such as features, capacity and price, go for the one that is best for you.

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