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Murray conducted surgery on Monday to repair the left hand unknown finger, he took 1687 yards and 11 times in 351 times this season. At the beginning, the team did not arrange him for the team’s mushroom training.

Cowboy runs to Murray 2 days after surgery
According to NFL official website, Dallas Deni team runs a scorpion and ball training in training on Wednesday, although his left hand also covered with gauze.

Robinson was 27 years old. He signed a contract with the bear team in the spring of 2018, this season is the last year of the contract. He was passed down 9 times in the first week, completed 5 batches, and pushed 74 yards.

Robinson has expressed their current focus on the season, but it was obvious that Dean Deli-Hopkins, Keenan Allen, and Cooper Kupp, etc. The new contract, still triggered his disappointment to the bear team.

The game will be very interesting. If Revis still a patriot, and he will Brandon – Blount confrontation with Odell – David Beckham and Victor – Cruze. In addition it is also possible – Tom Brady and Eli – Manning standardized game.

Previously, Wiqi once said that players were only in the safety circle & mdash; & mdash; also away from other people and accepted detection & mdash; & mdash; new season NFL games may be held this fall. If there is a second wave of epidemic, then the new season may not be held. And he is currently further clarifying that he only provides recommendations, and final decisions must be made by alliance officials and players.

[Review of the event] The four-point guard peak, Wilson’s skills, the sea eagle destroyed chief strength to enter the playoffs
As the season entered the end of the end, the competition between the playoffs is gradually clear. This week’s Day and Night Tournament will usher in the focus of this round & mdash; & mdash; the chief of the home advantage of the season will challenge the Eagle fighting for the outer cashed seat.

The bear outside the bear, Elan Robinson disappointed with the contract negotiations
Tuesday, Tuesday, the bear outer, Allen Robinson notified the team, and if the negotiation of negotiations, he is more willing to be traded by the team.

It may be the last time Manning vs Brady’s game. The two best NFL last decade enemies, meet once every year, this year will be at home in Denver. In any case, it will be a great game, it may be the last.

Jacksonville American tiger or intentional trading running guards, Donte
According to inferior people, wholesale Jerseys Adam Schefter, Jacksonville, Jacksonville, has discussed the transaction starting to run toleard – Fournette.

If Murray breaks in this week, Joseph Randle and Lance Dunbar will replace his mission. Randel This season 34 shock average code 7.0 will mainly be an initial attack, and Danbar as an excellent ball-saving guide (207 yards in this season) will mainly be a third gear.

Last season, Robinson completed 98 battles, promoted 1147 yards, reached 7 times. He has once takes four years for the Jaspers, completed 80 battles in the 2015 season, pushed 1400 yards, more than 14 times, and selected professional bowl.

The two teams suffered from last week, and the chief was killed by Philip Rivers at home, and the Hawks were unexpected to 49 people, giving a question mark for their own playoffs. The biggest point in this game is naturally two stars quarters to Marhemurus (Russel Wilson).

The second-line defensive of the Haiye’s second-line defensive in the game will take the first round of the Emirates. The sea eagle will abandon the kickback, although the ball is falling, but still there is no risk to take the ball. The Hawks rely on the ground to promote the first attack in the Red District, although the chief has an effective defense in the end of the end area, however, the Runa Carson (Chris Carson), which broke out this season, is still in the three gear.

In the first season of Gutt’s effectiveness for the joys, the outside world is questioned with his attitude and whether it is mature. Fluoret last season shows that you have matured. He trained together in the court and reported to the training camp with an excellent body shape, and the training is not absent in the training camp. In the preseason, even though did not appear, he asked to wear headphones so he can hear offensive tactics.

This may be the year’s most noteworthy game. Cowboys is a dark horse in the League of Nations, and the Super Bowl champion Patriots. Cowboys owner Jones Brady will experience the world and to beat him and Romo led the Cowboys.

For this remark about Wiqi, Dr. Dr. Allen Sills, Dr. Allen Sills, who is the NFL Chief Medical Officer, will make the necessary adjustment to ensure the public health environment when preparing for the 2020 season. “

Jim – Habbo after leaving 49 people, there will never Habbo brothers fight. Nevertheless, the crow and the game still 49 people will be very exciting. Capet Flack and Nick are excellent quarterback in the league, they will prove themselves in the 2015 season. In addition, these two teams have a strong defense group.


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