As a tort means and or and awful interference with the persons use or enjoyment of land or some right over in connection with it.
Act interfering with comfort, health or safety are the examples of it.
Interference maybe anyway example noise, and vibration, heat, small, smell, fumes, water, gas, electricity, exhibition or disease producing germs.
Tort here means Area of the law that covers more civil suit. Generally, every claim that arise in civil code, with the exception of contractual disputes, falls under tort law.
This means area of law is to reduce along done to a person and provide relief from the wrongful acts of others, usually by awarding monitory damages as compensation. The original intent ought is to provide full compensation for proved harms.

Some key points of tort law:
It is a branch of the law that deal with civil law including lawsuit and execluding issues involving contracts.
It is considered to be a form of resortrative justice since it seeks to remedy losses or injury with monitory compensation.

In tort law it falls in three categories those complaints dealing with negligence intentional harm and unintentional but not a great act known as strict ability.
Nuisance according to Salomon the wrong of nuisance consist in causing or allowing without lawful justification the escape of any deleterious thing from his lands or from elsewhere into land in possession of the plaintive example water, smoke, fumes, gas.
Stephen define nuisance to be anything done to hurt or annoyance of the land statements of another and not amounting to a trespass.

Some essentials of nuisance:
First , wrongful acts
Second , damage or loss or inconvenience or annoyance cost to another.
Inconvenience or discomfort to be considered must be more than mere delicacy fast tedious and more than producing sensitive personal, discomfort or annoyance. Such annoyance or discomfort or in communis must be such with the law considered as a substantial or material.
Two kinds of nuisance
Public nuisance:  IPC define is an act or illegal omission which causes and common injury danger or annoyance to the people in general who dwell or occupy property in the week Trinity or which must necessarily cause injury obstruction danger or annoyance to person who may have a question to use any public right. This act which seriously interferes with the health and safety comfort or convenience of the public generally or which tend to degrade the morals have always been considered in a public nuisance.
Private nuisance: It is the using authority assigned the views of one’s property or of anything under one’s control so as to injurious defect on owner occupier of the property or physically injuring his property or affecting its enjoyment by interfering materially with this health comfort or convenience.
Elements of private nuisance it is an unlawful Interference and or annoyance which cause damages to an occupier or owner of land in respect of his enjoyment of the land.
There are three elements of private nuisance:
Unreasonable interference : This is because you to print a property or make cause personal December to the plaintive in the German of property when it is not a nuisance to consternation to interfere in should be unreasonable every person must put up on some noise and vibration some small to that members enjoy their own rights.
Interference with the use of enjoyment of land It can be caused by:

First injury to the property : an unauthorised interference with the use of property of another person through some object and even intangible which college damage to the property is actionable as nuisance.

Second injury to comfort or health or components of certain property: Standard of comfort vary from the time to time and place to place in community and discomfort from the point of view of a particular point is not a test of nuisance but test is how an average man residing in the same area would it take the plaintive maybe over sensitive.

Third, Damage unlike tresspass which is actionable per se actual damage required to prove an action for nuisance in case of public nuisance the plaintive can bring an action thought when we pose social special damage to him.
The private nuisance although damage is one of the central law will open presume it.
Example nuisance on highways and projections.

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